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jack the ripper cannabis

When growing the seeds out, Subcool didn’t find many plants worth writing home about. Most were thin, spindly sativas and “mutants with whorled leaves.” There were, however, a few plants that developed normally and one phenotype stood out in a year’s time. It had an intense lemon flavor and the plant produced a major amount of resin.

The Jacks Cleaner strain is somewhat of a legend in elite circles and we have the internet to thank for it. According to Subcool, the founder of TGA Genetics, he received about 200 seeds from a friend he met in the one of the many online grow forums and chats. Subcool’s friend, Skoosh, told him that the was some some mixture of Pluton, Northern Lights,Lambs Bread, and Purple Haze, but he was unsure of the order in which they were crossed.
The Jack The Ripper strain is one I’ve had my eye on for some time now, and when I saw it at HTC in North Hollywood I didn’t hesitate to make a donation. As far as genetics go, JTR is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen .

Overall, I would say that the Jack The Ripper strain is worth a shot; there’s a good reason it was a part of the 2006 High Times Top Ten Strains list. When medicating with this strain I find myself in the perfect frame of mind. It mellows my anxiety, without stripping me of all motivation.
When I opened the jar, I expected the frosty aroma I associate with the Jack Herer strain, since there is some much of its influence in Jack The Ripper. While that was there too, the scent of tropical fruits (a mix of lemon, mango, and pineapple) was more noticeable. The fruitiness carried over to the taste as well.

“It reminded me of a house hold cleaner named ‘Mr Clean.’ So I named it ‘The Cleaner.’” — Subcool, TGA Genetics

The Jack The Ripper strain often has high levels of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). That might be the reason JTR seems so potent. Strains high in THCV, like Durban Poison, often have a fast-acting psychadelic effect that connoisseurs love.

“I quickly came to love Jack The Ripper as a mid-day strain for its ability to keep me motivated and full of energy.”

The Cleaner strain had one downfall though, it was small with thin, weak stems. Subcool had a male Jack Herer plant from Sensi Seeds he had placed in a garage. He put a clone of The Cleaner beside him and she soon produced 35 seeds. He tossed out all the males and the best out of the seeds was donned Jacks Cleaner; it was once considered the best Sativa-dominant hybrid in existence.

The Story Of TGA Genetics’ Jacks Cleaner StrainThe Jack The Ripper strain is one I’ve had my eye on for some time now, and when I saw it at HTC …