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jack herer smell

Jack herer smell

Linalool (0 – 0.05%)

So What Are Its Effects?
Other variations of Jack Herer span the whole Indica-Sativa spectrum, offering plenty of ways of getting high depending on your preference. There are sativas phenotypes that are perfect if you’re looking for a cerebral high. Growers have also managed to engineer varietals that have less Haze in them, making it more indica dominant with its heavy resin production. There are also phenotypes that are what’s known as ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is a shorter, stalky plant that have a unique flowering cycle that distinguishes it from indica and sativa. Some believe that ruderalis is a descendent of indica, leading to the nickname “indica ruderalis.”

Though there are multiple popular phenotypes, in its original form Jack Herer is a sativa grown from feminized seeds. That means its buds will have a high THC level are much more convenient to grow in quick batches. This distinction is important when comparing them to autoflowering seeds which produce buds that are high in cannabidiol (CBD). Autoflowering cannabis is also ideal to grow outdoors where there’s plenty of sunlight.
Jack Herer is the go-to for many marijuana connoisseurs due to its reports of giving users a clear-headed buzz as well as a focussed energy boost, which are effects commonly associated with sativa-dominant strains. But where does it get its earthy, woody flavor that sets it apart from other cannabis seeds?
This brings us to the Jack Herer’s eponymous strain, which may be just as famous as the man himself. In 1985, Ben Dronkers founded the Amsterdam-based cannabis seed purveyor, Sensi Seeds. By the mid-90s, his company had expanded and began working on creating a strain of feminized cannabis seeds as a tribute to Jack Herer by combining a Haze hybrid with two already well known Indicas, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. The resulting strain went on to win a staggering nine awards, including three High Times Cannabis Cup wins for Best Sativa. It is also a favorite for medical marijuana users. Sensi Seeds is now the oldest and largest producer of marijuana seeds in the world.
As you can see, pinene has the potential to occur in the largest proportion in this strain, making it the dominant flavor. Pinene, obvious from its name, smells a lot like a pine tree, which is where this strain gets its woody, piney scent. Pinene are also found in conifer trees, basil, and pine needles – making it a staple for all the woodsy smells we love.
With all the awards and high praise that this strain has received, we bet you’re searching for the nearest dispensary that carries it. There are also a large number of merchants that sell Jack Herer in its original feminized form. Two of the most well known are online shops – Herbies Cannabis Seeds and

In 1985, Jack Herer published The Emperor Wears No Clothes , a compendium of historical data concerning marijuana, various marijuana strains, and its numerous uses. It advocated for legalization and for full-scale research programs to be conducted into the medical and environmental potential of this miraculous plant. The book came out in the teeth of the Reagan administration’s escalation of the War on Drugs, selling over 700,000 copies, and helped ignite the marijuana legalization movement of the 80s. It continues to be cited in Cannabis re-scheduling and legalization efforts to this day. Jack Herer passed away in April, 2010 at the age of 70. The Jack Herer Cup is held in Las Vegas each year in his honor.

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