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jack herer grow

Jack herer grow

Many growers consider phenotype C to be a lot like pheno-A, if not the same. But there are some differences that allow phenotype C to be considered a separate phenotype. It produces swollen calyxes, but they are significantly smaller than those of pheno-A. The calyxes also grow in strings, outwards and upwards, giving pheno-C a spikey appearance.

The Jack Herer strain graced the world more than 20 years ago. Named after the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, the strain is an ode to Jack Herer himself and the countless years of tireless cannabis activism that he led. Since Sensi Seeds created this contributory strain, it has become a staple in the gardens of many growers.
Thus, growers should not expect uniform plants when growing Jack Herer from seed. One of this strain’s outstanding features is that it allows the grower to choose a phenotype whose growing pattern fits their needs and preferences, while maintaining Jack’s near-psychedelic potency in whichever phenotype is chosen.

“I have grown it in hydroponics as well as in soil, and both work very well, as long as you care for it, and treat it with love and passion.” – by Edward,*

pheno-D tends to produce very limited branching and clones can be grown close together without interfering with each other. Indoors, it is most efficient when kept to a size of 30-80cm. Flowering time is comparatively fast – usually 60 days or less.
In terms of the effects, phenotype B produces a strong indica-like effect. With that being said, it does not overpower the cerebral sativa-like effects that are characteristic of Jack Herer varieties and phenotypes.

“I kept three extraordinary phenotypes […]. Phenotype #1 has been nicknamed “Fruity Jack” as it’s very fruity, phenotype #2’s nickname is “Spicy Jack”, since it’s spicy. The most potent but least productive is called “Flashback Jack” because its calices are enormous and uber-resinous, and offer the unique, authentic taste of the Jack from coffeeshops back in the ‘90s.” – by Sam89,

Indoors, this pheno produces most efficiently at a height of 50-100cm.

For home growers, this variety might be the most desirable because it produces truly spectacular amounts of resin. Sometimes, the resin content puts pheno-D among some of the most resinous plants we’ve ever seen.

The advent of Jack Herer marked a turning point in growing cannabis at home. Learn why this strain is so satisfying to grow by reading this article.