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is wisconsin legalizing weed

Is wisconsin legalizing weed

Fitzgerald made his remarks after Republican state Sen. Patrick Testin sponsored a bipartisan bill calling for the legalization of medical marijuana. Under his plan, the state would set up a registry and oversee medical cannabis dispensaries. But only those with certain illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s could qualify for treatment. Testin says personal experience led him to co-sponsor the bill.

“Today’s marijuana is not the marijuana of the past. It’s much more harmful than it used to be. We’re not talking about old 5% Woodstock weed. We’re talking about up to 99% concentrated vapes and dabs, the edibles. It’s a whole different ball game today,” Sabet says.
“People have recently been following the conversation when it comes to vape products and some of them have involved THC in them. Those are being made on the black market and there is no regulation or oversight into what’s going into those products,” she says.

Sargent’s bill is currently sitting in an Assembly committee. It has no GOP sponsors. She says she hopes it at least gets a public hearing.
An increasing number of Midwestern states are legalizing marijuana in some form or another. Will Wisconsin do the same? State lawmakers have mixed opinions on the issue.
“My grandfather was diagnosed with both bone and lung cancer. He had to go outside the law to get the only medication, the only treatment that would keep his food down and get his appetite back and that was marijuana,” Testin says.
“There are some components of marijuana that have medical value. But if it’s done as a farce for legalization, it’s really a camel’s nose under the tent, then I don’t think it’s helpful,” Sabet says.
The group also cites a Marquette poll from April, which shows 83% of those surveyed favor legalizing medical cannabis. Democratic Gov. Tony Evers says if any bill regarding marijuana gets to his desk, he’ll sign it.

Sabet says he’s been following Wisconsin’s case closely and doesn’t think cannabis will be legalized here. He says even medical could be a slippery slope.

An increasing number of Midwestern states are legalizing marijuana in some form or another. Will Wisconsin do the same? State lawmakers have mixed opinions

Is wisconsin legalizing weed

Ringhand said she thought that it was a good move on Pritzker’s part, as it would expunge thousands of convictions from people’s records, potentially allowing them better access to jobs and higher education.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers supported the legalization of medical marijuana while running for office, and according to his website , believes full legalization should depend on Wisconsin residents.
Despite surrounding states legalizing marijuana in some form, as well as public support, legalization in Wisconsin may be an uphill battle for Governor Evers, as the Republican party controls the state legislature .

According to a survey conducted by Marquette University Law School in 2019, 59% of voters say recreational marijuana should be legal, while 36% oppose it. Furthermore, 83% believe that medical marijuana should be legal, while only 12% oppose it.
Bucking the national trend, Wisconsin is poised to crack down on marijuana possession with a new bill that has passed the state’s Senate.
Representative Melissa Sargent, D-Madison said in a statement to Milwaukee Public Media that legalization could be detrimental to Wisconsin.
“Many of the Midwestern states surrounding us are either medicinal or full legalization- Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. The industry is setting up in those communities and it’s going to have a negative impact on the state of Wisconsin,” Sargent said.
“[Interstate tensions] are possible — it’s a little too soon to say,” Ringhand said.

But, people crossing the border to legally purchase marijuana is not as predictable of a problem as may be suggested. A study in Colorado found that nonresidents only used about 9% of Colorado’s 208.6 metric tons of marijuana consumed in 2017. But, according to The Associated Press, Michigan marijuana retailers have already reported many of their customers being from Ohio and Indiana, where recreational marijuana is still illegal.

Marijuana legalization in nearby states creates potential repercussions for Wisconsin The possession of marijuana will remain illegal in Wisconsin Bucking the national trend, Wisconsin is