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is weed legal in maui

“Having the out-of-state program will open the opportunity of coming to Hawaii to many people,” said Executive Director Pedro Haro. “It’s really not a choice to have to make … to go without medication, particularly when it’s helping them.”

The new program for visitors is being welcomed by the Hawaii Educational Assn. for Therapeutic Healthcare, the trade organization for the state’s eight dispensaries.
Hawaii now lets travelers buy medical marijuana legally, allowing patients who rely on pot for pain control to vacation in the island state. Travelers may apply for a $49.50 medical card before their visit to be able to purchase up to 4 ounces of marijuana at licensed dispensaries.

Once approved, applicants then download their Hawaii medical cannabis card to their smartphone or tablet.
Travelers needing cannabis can apply for what is called a “329” card, but only if they have a medical marijuana card issued by the state in which they live. Currently, 32 other states (California included), the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
The Hawaii Department of Health began allowing out-of-state residents to apply for the card on March 5 . Applications must be made online.
►Medical cannabis can be purchased at dispensaries on the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Oahu. There are no dispensaries on Lanai or Molokai.
If you plan to apply for a medical marijuana card in Hawaii, here are some things to keep in mind.

Hawaii doesn’t allow use of recreational marijuana.

Travelers can apply online for a $49.50 medical cannabis card before their trip, allowing patients who rely on pot for pain control to vacation in the island state.

Is weed legal in maui

You will see a number of different flower strains categorized by their strains ranging from strong Indicas to strong Sativas and everything in between. Each strain can have different effects so be sure to ask the budtender for assistance in choosing the best marijuana for you. Strong Sativas strains are known for their general uplifting, energizing, and head high effects while Indicas are known for their full body highs and sedative effects.
Dispensaries will also sell a number of other types of marijuana products, including but not limited to:

Yes. You can always get in trouble at the federal level, but as long as you follow the rules for marijuana in Hawaii, state and local authorities will not have any issues with you. If you find yourself in a pinch with the law, check out our Hawaii Cannabis Lawyers page for help!

  • Edibles: Cannabis infused foods, candies, or drinks. Warning: These can be very potent! Be sure to check the serving size before enjoying and remember the effects can take up to an hour to hit you.
  • Transdermal Products (Topicals): creams, lotions, massage oils and such infused with cannabis. These products are not psychoactive and will not get you high.
  • Seeds: seeds that can be used to grow your own marijuana plants. Stores will have many different strains of Indicas and Sativas.
  • Clones: healthy seedlings that are ready be grown.

The price of marijuana depends on strain and quality, but you can expect marijuana prices to be between $10 and $30 per gram.
New dispensaries will be allowed to open on July 15th, 2016, with approval from the state. On January 1st, 2018, patients from other states will also be allowed to purchase medical marijuana at Hawaii dispensaries.
Despite being illegal, it can still be pretty easy to find marijuana and Hawaii. Kush encourages discretion for all travelers. It isn’t unusual to see and smell weed in public in Hawaii, but use common sense and courtesy. Don’t drive while high – you can be convicted of a DUI for driving under the influence of marijuana in Hawaii. If you find yourself in a pinch with the law, check out our Hawaii Cannabis Lawyers page for help!
If you are not a patient, possession of marijuana is classified as a misdemeanor penalty. If you have less than one ounce of marijuana, there’s a $1,000 maximum fine and 30 days in jail possible incarceration.
You may only consume marijuana in a private residence. However, Hawaiians tend to be pretty lax about marijuana use and as long as you stay out of public, it’s unlikely that you’ll be caught.

The law says medical marijuana dispensaries will not be permitted to sell dabs and waxes, typically processed with butane.

Hawaii marijuana laws are a little behind, but the state is slowly progressing towards legalization. It’s hard to know where to find weed in Hawaii, but