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is thc university legit

I️ googled every lab and applied one by one. I’m also nowhere near an expert so take what I️ say lightly

A Cannabis college just opened up in Cleveland and got curious if these things are worth it.
Seen the ads on facebook, is this for real? Worthwhile? Would this be a good start for getting into the business? Or would it be better to go another route? I live in mass and rec growing is legal here, so maybe start with that. Id love to do this as a career

I sign up for Cannabis Training University and it was a total waste of time and money. Just 30 minutes here and you learn more and save $199. Trust me. it is a ripoff .
No degree, i love the idea of hash making (all kinds bubble, bho, etc etc) although i think growing might suit me better
I studied cellular, molecular, and developmental biology at a big 10 university. They happened to like that I️ interned at the EPA.
Been wondering the same thing. I’m not in mass but I’m interested in getting into the industry as well
What type of position are you looking for? do you have a degree?

Here’s a testimonial. I guess it pretty much sums it up.

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Is thc university legit

Cannabis Job Support Resources and Job Board
How does your education translate into a good paying job? This is an important question that you should be asking yourself. THC University provides a high-quality job board, exit interview, as well as a qualified resume consultant to help you get where you want to go.

The Risks of Becoming Mis-Educated
Get ready to see cannabis business owners roll their eyes if you mentioned that you were “self-taught” about cannabis. The reason being is that cannabis-related information was in the shadows for so long that most or even most sources of information and its sources were not exposed to the light of day for fear of getting caught. A lot of ideas and theories around cannabis, even many popular ideas, practices and theories are simply wrong.
If you are in a state where cannabis has not been legalized yet, it may seem like the door of opportunity has been closed on you, but as people in “legal” states will tell you, there is an ocean of opportunities for those with the right education and mindset.

You have read this review until the end and you are serious about your success. Here is my challenge to you, Take the Final Step Today, invest in yourself and make a commitment to a trusted friend, family member or colleague that you will complete your cannabis education course by a specific date. If you take those steps congratulations your chances of success went from 10% to 90%.

This famous quote from Jim Rohn always calls to us. If we really want to do something, to invest in ourselves then take the small daily amount of discipline until we reach our goals.
1.) Ask the resume consultant how to make your resume and skills stand out.

Here are some suggestions to ensure you get the most out of THC University’s job support resources:
Pick your Cannabis Mentors Carefully
The great thing about THC University is that they have partnered with some of the most respected names in the industry. If you say you took a growing course from George Cervantes a prospective employer will know for sure that at least you possess the minimum viable knowledge building blocks to start from. This will absolutely take your resume to the top of the pile. While George Cervantes is a very well respected grower in the cannabis community, there other teachers in THC University that are equally well respected by cannabis industry.

3.) Talk to employers even if their job may not be a match for what you are looking for, because prospective employers know about other openings and may be able to introduce to your future employer.

Is an online course or certification from THC University worth it? What will you learn and will it help you to be a better grower or get a job?