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is sensimilla sativa or indica

This is usually grown indoors, under greenhouse conditions, and using hydroponic techniques.

One reason for this is that it is relatively easy for a male cannabis plant to fertilise a female cannabis plant if grown outdoors. So, growing sinsemilla indoors reduces the risk of this happening.
Once they have done so the plant is ready to be harvested.

So, if a female cannabis plant has not been fertilised by a male plant and is allowed to mature then it will not produce any seeds. If there is no sign of these throughout its growth then it is said to be a sinsemilla plant.
So, ‘sinsemilla’means ‘no seeds’.
These pods contain ‘pistils’ –the seed bearing part of the plant which change colour during growth before withdrawing into the pods.
This is a very strong form of marijuana which, like skunk, contains high levels of ‘tetrahydrocannabinols’ (THC’s). These are responsible for a range of effects such as euphoria, talkativeness, increased sociability, hunger pangs (also known as ‘the munchies’) and hallucinations.
Sinsemilla plants have some of the highest levels of THC’s.

This can be added to tobacco and smoked as a ‘spliff’ or smoked on its own. Another option is to smoke sinsemilla using a ‘bong’ (a water pipe).

Sinsemilla This is a very strong form of marijuana which, like skunk , contains high levels of ‘tetrahydrocannabinols’ (THC’s). These are responsible for a range of effects such as euphoria,

The term ‘sinsemilla’ then, can be used to describe any female cannabis plants that haven’t been exposed to male ones and fertilized. Sinsemilla plants are highly sought after because of their reputation which isn’t surprising when keeping in mind their high-quality yield.

Lastly, the energy that could otherwise have been used in the fertilization process gets used in enlarging the buds. Dense buds will often translate to more powerful effects.
That said, these tips will take you step to step from growing to enjoying your first puff of sinsemilla weed:

While pollination is excellent for passing desirable characteristics from the parental figure to the offspring, it could not always be ideal. That is typically right going by the fact that pollination causes the marijuana plant to focus more on giving rise to pot seeds instead of flowers.
a) Select feminized grass seeds , those which high THC amounts of between 20% and 30%, and plant them indoors to prevent pollination.
l) Enjoy your first hit!
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The word sensimilla actually originates from the pair of Spanish words ‘sin’ (which means without) and ‘semilla’ (which means seeds) to literally mean ‘without seeds.’ The word has been around since at least the 70s and since has contributed to the reputation of sinsemilla marijuana as being better than seed-laced samples of the herb.

k) After a month to 6 weeks, the sinsemilla buds will have fully cured

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