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is payofix legit

Placed a couple of orders via a website that uses payofix with no problem. The next order though? My credit card was charged for 2 unrelated orders in amount of over 300$. So then I tried using an electronic check. Someone called me to “verify” my account information. When I refused to give account numbers over the phone the related vendor canceled my order.

I have a medical condition that needs expensive treatment on a monthly base, i had no way to buy these damn treatment in my local pharmacy without taking a f**king loan, monthly. the only way i can afford it is online. tried buying it with several sites and managed to do so only on a store that uses, they Literally saved my ass. not sure what Yall talking about here, i needed them and they came through.
The website you have used you CC and paid through payofix was hacked and CC data stolen. So dont buy from this site any more. They have security issues on the site, most like

Sent payment for a purchase from never heard back from anyone, if payofix is a fucking scam so is the website ps they r linked to, best bet is to check domain names and see if these places are legit
I contaced my bank and locked of the card immediately,
My bank did however properly investigate the matter and refunded my money. Payofix was the reason for that compromise and all correspondence now goes ignored. No investigation was completed, no report given to me the customer, nothing. This company is involved in criminal activity and fails to adhere to federal regulations when protecting consumer information.
Payofix has taken everything out of my bank and denied all knowledge of it and said my order had been cancelled due to insufficient funds, however they took what was left in my account. My bank is now investigating it via their fraud department. A very dodgy, scabby back street payment vendor avoid at all cost.
I did an order from the webbsite okdermo and then payofix contacted me via email and said, your transaction is currently pending verification. It says on okdermos webbsite that they do coporate whit payofix and that a phone call could be current for a feasible payment. I did then chat whit a women namned Ava on their webbsite online chatt and explanied the situation. She then told me that they would call me. So they did…. When I answered it was total silence. I hang up the phone and write to here in the chatt, she said sry and suggested me to Contact okdermo and they haven’t answered ethier……. A started to get a Little nervous, beacuse otherwise i’m kind of Sharp when it comes to online shopping, but this didn’t feel right. I asked Ava why it didn’t work and she stopped answering me.

I have been shopping online for over years now and this is the first time i have to call the bank to block my card.

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