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indoor strains

Indoor strains

Big Bud Feminized is very well suited to SOG techniques. Conical and chunky, the plants do not spend a lot of energy on producing lateral branches unless they are topped – in which case, you will be rewarded by gorgeous candelabras covered in dense buds. Lollipopping can also give good results when applied by growers who already have some experience.

In cannabis terms, ‘indoor growing’ is basically shorthand for ‘growing cannabis indoors under special lighting using fans, timers, and often watering systems or other specialized equipment to recreate nature and provide the plants with everything they need to flourish as though they are growing outdoors under the best possible conditions’.

  • Connoisseur growers
  • Small areas with a lot of ceiling height
  • Very high yields
  • SOG or topping

Big Bud is the result of a painstaking breeding program that blended a prized Afghan cultivar with the Skunk Afghan genetics of the original clone-only Big Bud, resulting in a pungent indica-dominant variety. The colas it produced were so massive that the name for this new strain was immediately self-evident!

  • Beginners
  • People on a budget

With no need to remove male plants, change lighting cycles or perform any training or pruning (unless you want to!), this is a great variety to consider if you have low energy levels. Once it has started blooming (when the seedlings are about four weeks old) it is even resistant to changes in photoperiod. This means that not only will it not be stressed if there is a problem with growroom lighting, but that you can – in a pinch – actually grow it on a sunny windowsill during summer.
We hope you have found inspiration for your first – or next – adventure into cannabis. Some final things to remember: don’t be discouraged by mistakes. Everybody starts somewhere, and even such legends as Eagle Bill (for whom Sensi Seeds has named their newest strain) made errors in the beginning (he used to shake his male plants to demonstrate how much pollen was on them, not realising that not only were the males useless, but he was pollinating his females!). Learn from your mistakes, and if you are an absolute beginner, pick a strain that will be likely to bounce back from them.

Both parents of this multiple award winning legend are globally renowned; Northern Lights #5 x Haze is basically the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt of the cannabis world. Combining the stellar high of an original Haze with the outrageous resin production of Northern Lights, this feminized strain will amaze and delight the experienced, ambitious gardener with its potent effects and mouth-watering flavours of fruit and chamomile.

Wondering what cannabis strains are the cream of the indoor crop? Discover the top 10 most fantastic varieties for growing cannabis indoors (with tips for ideal use). For beginner or advanced grower. Which strains are easiest to grow indoors and which have the largest yields? Find out now.

Indoor strains

🍧 Sweet musky flavor. High THC content up to 25% and THCV give a potent psychedelic high.

👍 Super Silver Haze is a real connoisseur quality sativa strain to grow from seed.
⚖️ Moby Dick is finished blooming outdoors by mid to late October, with yields of over 1 kilo per plant. Indoors, the stretchy plants yield well up to 650 g/m2.

🍧 Widowy sweet, skunky buds. Knock-out stone, White Widow x Big Bud gives a typically indica narcotic high.
🌿 The hungry plants grow aggressively into a Christmas tree formation and develop massive dominant colas outdoors, indoors and in hydroponic setups.
Golden Tiger is a sativa dominant strain by Ace Seeds bred using the most potent and resinous plants they have worked with – a highland Thai strain and a “killer” Malawi. The result is a potent high yielding cannabis strain with exceptional floral traits.
👍 Chronic’s dank frosty nuggets have a nice bag appeal.
🌿 A very strong and fast growing plant, the hybrid vigor present in Blue Dream pushes the plants up quick with more stretch to come during flowering. Luckily, the branches fill in thick with buds

🌿 Super Silver Haze is a slightly finicky sativa strain that is sensitive to overfeeding and can get rather unwieldy and tall if allowed to. Not recommended for novice growers.

The highest yielding strains to grow indoors and outdoors from seed. High yield cannabis seeds list of the most productive strains for easy, heavy harvests.