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indiana bubblegum

Indiana bubblegum

Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum from Mosca Seeds is a cannabis hybrid created from two very famous strains, Indiana Bubble Gum and Old Time Moonshine, resulting in a very powerful, great-tasting, highly productive and resinous variety.

Its taste and aromas are sweet, combining fruity notes of the blueberry type with a touch of lavender and candy floss that will delight lovers of sweet Indica strains.
From the second week of flowering the flowers begin to appear on the whole plant, provoking an increased demand for nutrients that lasts up until the end of the cycle, so at this point we start to apply bloom fertilisers to stimulate the formation of the first buds.

The plant structure is typical Indica, consisting of a splendid dominant central cola and side branches producing secondary buds, giving it the pyramidal shape of a christmas tree.
Laboratory tested at over 20% THC, its effect is powerful, starting with a euphoric and joyous rise progressing to show more Indica influence and become physically relaxing while leaving a smile on the grower’s face.
During floral development Old Time Bubble Gum’s flowers lengthen and become more dense, gradually forming large, solid buds. A fast flowering strain, it is ready to harvest after just 8 weeks of 12/12, delivering an impressive yield of more than 500-600g per m2 depending on the chosen method of cultivation.
Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum’s leaves are broad, dark green and take on intense dark purple hues during flowering, especially if temperatures fall. This transformation offers the grower a multicoloured spectacle with green, yellow, purple tones turning our plants into a vibrant fauvist piece of art.
During flowering is when Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum really comes into it own, the vigorous growth continues in early bloom, with plants stretching and doubling their size, meaning we’ll have to control the height of the plants during the vegetative phase.

This mainly Indica hybrid grows with vigour from the beginning due to the genetic contribution of Old Time Moonshine, improving greatly on its ancestor Indiana Bubble Gum which tends to be rather slow in vegetative growth.

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