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i was feminized

That was enlightening, but what the guys told me next was horrific: Physically feminizing a man doesn’t just take longer, it also permanently sullies the slate of his manhood. It’s not just the act of putting on lipstick—it is the unchangeable reality that you once put on the lipstick. A real man can look back on his life without feeling fear, shame, or guilt, knowing that he’d never done anything to compromise his masculinity.

Andy and his friends had heard of FaceApp before—but they hadn’t used it. They said that if they were to share their feminized images on their social-media accounts, “seven out of ten comments would be: ‘You’re a fag,'” Andy explained. “Nine [times] of out ten, it would be hurtful stuff,” Brandon said with a sad shrug of his broad shoulders.
His friends stared in disbelief, but Andy was relentless, trying to get them to see where he was coming from. “You meet a girl,” he told them emphatically. “She’s fire! You hit it off; she’s got all the jokes, right? She sends you memes. You end up cuffing, right?” Right, the group nodded. “And then a few weeks later you find out she’s a dude—or she used to be a dude,” Andy said.

I guess I’m one of those—one of those people that would wife a tranny.
Eventually, the guys steered their conversation toward transgender women. I knew that might happen, and had wondered from the start if they’d notice that I am trans. Normally I wouldn’t mind if they did, but I hoped they wouldn’t because I felt that if they knew, it would color the entire discussion. While many of these guys looked pretty with feminized faces, some felt that without seeing the full package, so to speak, it was hard to determine whether they’d be attracted to themselves. A pretty face is never enough.
Andy told me that if he met someone who “was him” he would consider that person his soulmate. He stared at me for a bit as if expecting to see fragments of my blown mind blast past him.
I asked Brandon how he felt about seeing his face mutate into that of a beautiful woman. “Listen,” he said. “Put it in perspective of, like, Oedipus: I like girls that look like my mom.”
My search started at home. Taji, Peter, James, Lance, and Alex all work at VICE, and they had all feminized themselves already. Some had shared their feminized faces on social media; others kept them secret.

If I were to fall in love with a woman who used to be a man—tough life for everybody else! That’s who the fuck I love

Masculinity is a prison. Could I free bros from it using a popular app that feminizes their faces?