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hydroponic nutrients for cannabis

Hydroponic nutrients for cannabis

This system was created by a scientest with a Masters in Plant Science from Texas A&M, one of the nations leading agriculture institutions.

Growth Science Nutrients three part system is a solid nutrient solution for beginner and experienced growers. In addition to the two base fertilizers, there are three additional solutions that make this a complete five part system.

Roots Organics is the only organic line of fertilizers on this list and they offer top of the line products, making them the best organic nutrients for weed. While their Grow and Bloom fertilizers are technically formulated for use in soil, many customers have had good results using them in hydroponic systems. These fertilizers are very smooth and do not have any cloudiness or large organic particles to clog up your watering system.
The FloraMicro is your base nutrient, used throughout the entire life cycle of your plants. Bloom and Gro are added in during vegetative and flowering stages, respectively. The levels of all three should be adjusted based on your plants needs. This may seem pretty complex, but you can find easy to use feeding charts on the General Hydroponics website.
Soil Vs. Hydroponic Nutrients

  • Not organic
  • Has artificial colors
  • Some customers have had issues with receiving shipping-damaged bottles

I will focus mostly on pure hydroponics nutrients on this page, but there are some important differences between soil and hydro nutrients that are necessary to understand before purchasing your fertilizer.

Strength is the final part of this five part system, which helps to fortify and strengthen your plants in adverse conditions that may arise during growth stages.

Grow the biggest plants and the most potent buds with these top quality hydroponic nutrient solutions. Whether you have a full hydro setup or are growing indoors with soil, these nutrient brands have you covered.