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hydro strains

Sour diesel is another sativa strain, and it’s a popular strain for medical patients dealing with anything from stress to depression and chronic pain.

Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, and it’s bred for maximum potency. This strain is known for its high THC content — marijuana’s active ingredient.
He was born and raised in Toronto and is based in Brooklyn.

Recreational marijuana has been on the Colorado market for over two years now, and we’re starting to get some interesting data about the preferences of its consumers.
Durban Poison is a sativa popular for its “uplifting and energetic” effects. It’s a good strain to consume during the day to maintain productivity and boost creativity.
Green Crack is a sativa strain that will give smokers a strong burst of energy. It’ll help you increase your focus during the day.
Blue Dream, the top-selling strain, is a “pretty potent sativa,” John Manlove, the director of sales at Tradiv told Business Insider over the phone.
Northern Lights is a pure indica strain. It’s known for its relaxing effects, which cause a “dreamy euphoria” that “settles in the body.” It’s good for relieving stress and helping you sleep after a long day.

Blueberry diesel is a cross between two strains, blueberry and sour diesel. The strain gets its name from the buds, which give off a pungent, blueberry-like odor

It's all about Blue Dream if you're a Colorado weed-smoker.

Hydro strains

Smell: like some friuty kush extremly loud!

Reviewed by: Rushy
Effects: Heavy hitter. Couchlock

Grade: A
Reviewed by: Sweetleaf Sensei
Grade: A. Hydro top shelf
Effects: I mean I’m a pro so I can’t realy callit for others on the nose I smoked two blunts in a row bout two hours ago I’m on the third blunt and I’m geeked its what I do man its some fire doe
Looks: hard little nugs brite green buds with red hairs plenty of crystals pic does no justice

Good Strain For: socializing, relaxing, freestyling and having a good time daily usege recommended

Hydro strains Strain Name: Beauty Grade: A Type: hydro Looks: hard little nugs brite green buds with red hairs plenty of crystals pic does no justice Smell: like some