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hydro closet

pvc shut off valve
There are many different sizes of fans, lights, etc. The size of cutouts will depend on which items you have purchased. I got everything for this instructable from Home Depot, my local hydroponics store and my local Fish store.
1/2″ 3-way pvc connectors
SBC WiFi adapter
Grow light reflectors
Metal storage cabinet: Here are 2 examples
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Plastic totes are readily available. You just need to decide on the size you will need for your system. Mine has enough room for 8 three inch pots. Drill holes the proper size for the pots you are using and evenly spaced apart. Center a 3 way hose barb on each pot and connect them together on the sides of tote using flex tubing. Using a 90 degree hose barb with pipe thread on one end, connect each end to a 3 way pvc connector as shown in photo. On the bottom of one of the pvc connectors is a hose barb to connect to pond pump. The other side has a valve for draining the water. Exactly which pieces you will need depends on the particular configuration you are using. Place air stones and pump at bottom. Connect 1/4″ tubing to air stones and run tube out of tote to air pump. Connect 1/2″ tubing from pump to hose barb at top of lid. Attach Thermocouple and pH electrode to the side and inside of tote so they sit in the water.
White Appliance epoxy paint
Hydroponics Grow Closet: I wanted to build a hydroponic system that could be put almost anywhere and would continue to operate without constant attention that many systems require. I decided to build it inside a metal cabinet and use Phidgets controllers to automate the p…