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hybrid strawberry

Hybrid strawberry

Once you have chosen your parent strawberry plants, crossbreed them. Again. And again. And again. The big operations and breeding programs will start the next phase only after performing 100 to 150 controlled crossbreeds between selected parent cultivars. Unless a backyard gardener has lots of time and space on his hands, he will have to settle for fewer crosses (and fewer opportunities to select a “winner” later).

Strawberry plants are generally self-pollinating, as you reference. However, although each flower itself tends to be hermaphroditic, any individual flower tends to function as either male or female, not both simultaneously. Consequently, to cross pollinate strawberry flowers effectively, one flower from each plant should be isolated and prevented from coming in contact with pollen from other flowers on the same plant or other flowers from other plants. Then, taking the pollen from a known variety, it is applied to the flower of another known variety. That way, the specific varieties that produced the cross are known. Hope that helps!
In any case, I’ve noticed that one of the daughter plants is producing at least every other flower symetrically – that is to say, it’s putting on flowers with 4 or 6 petals.

I would like to ask your opinions, what if me and my friend can develop a strawberry that can grow up to 180 cm, 6 times more taller then the hybrids strawberries, but the fruits has the same size like the normal strawberries plant( not a gigantic fruits). So in the future later instead planting on 6000 hectare of land we only needed 1000 hectare. Do we need this kind of plant? Just say there is one in this world what will happen? Or just say you manage to develop this Neo-Plant, what will you do.
Is the cultivar “Evie” and “Evie-2” the same variety? I have seen these 2 different names used on the web. I’m not sure if they are the same thing or not.
Hi. I have three daughter plants (grown from runners) from a commonly sold variety here in Australia (I think they’re fron an “alinta” variety?)
Taufik, I work for a European breeder, grower comercializer of strawberries and stonefruits. We have our own breeding programm and sell about 7 millions of kilos every year in early season. We are always keen to listen to new ideas and innovative varieties, especially early ones.. Send me and email on [email protected]
Additionally, if possible, the new strawberry varieties should be tested to determine their resistance or susceptibility to common pathogens and pests that commonly affect strawberry plants. This determination should be made for each retained and planted seedling strawberry plant group once they have been established. They should be tested for resistance/susceptibility to two-spotted spider mites, Anthracnose crown rot, and Verticillium wilt at a minimum.

So, this is the process of developing a new strawberry variety:

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