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Humboldt Seed Organization ✅ Wide range of autoflowering, feminized and regular cannabis seeds with Californian elite genetics ✅ Linda-Seeds Shop ✅ Named after the Californian County in which they breed their strains, Humboldt Seeds are at the very core of the most active cannabis production area in the USA. We’re back! Unforeseen events took us offline, but we’re back and ready to ship all distributor, wholesale and retail orders. Freshness Evolved The future has arrived. Check out our new

Humboldt Seed Organisation

Humboldt County is the epicenter of the marijuana industry in Northern California. Humboldt Seed Organization is a collective of growers and growers that produces high quality organic marijuana in the Emerald Triangle (which includes the counties of Mendocino County, Humboldt County, and Trinity County in Northern California).

Over the years, the Humboldt Seed Organization has repeatedly demonstrated how innovative it is. And so it is now again. With the introduction of the first fast seeds, shorter flowering periods of 1 or 2 weeks are now possible!

It is no coincidence that many growers regularly make use of proven genetics. If you want to achieve security and a calculable harvest, you can buy cannabis seeds from HSO.

Humboldt Seed Organization

The Humboldt Seeds Organization is a collective of growers and breeders based in the Emerald Triangle. They help share California cannabis genetics with the rest of the world through operations based in Spain.

The Humboldt Seeds Organisation focuses on organic and environmentally sustainable cultivation. A community-based philosophy underpins the organization, meaning they attempt to buy locally, give back to the community, and engage in sustainable economic choices. Their website states that this very California ethical model is part of what they want to share with the world.

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This established network of breeders and experts is driven by a deep passion for the work and a unique regional culture of marijuana breeding that stretches back forty years. Their focus on sustainable and ethical practices adds something interesting to their roster of distinctive strains.

The relationship between breeders and seedbanks forms an essential foundation within the cannabis world. Conscious creations of new strains, the maintenance of existing strain genetics, and the professional storage and distribution of a wide variety of seeds help maintain important genetic stock in case catastrophe strikes. Crop infections and infestation, natural disasters, widespread war or famine—all of these factors can result in a need for safe seed reserves. This is why it is so essential that breeders create high-quality genetic stock and that seed banks can curate diverse collections of seeds, which is precisely what Humboldt Seeds Organization hopes they have accomplished.

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At Home in Humboldt

We are a Northern Californian cannabis seed bank originating from one of the most important cannabis producing region in the world: Humboldt County. Quality is our highest priority and, from the heart of the Emerald Triangle, we bring you the very best seeds. Now working in multiple countries worldwide #TeamHSO is proud to announce our new office in Vienna, Austria! We are pleased to be back in Europe working again!

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