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how to sea of green

How to sea of green

We are talking about the Sea of Green method, which combines two major benefits: maximum yields and minimum time invested. Sound too good to be true? Not at all! With a few simple tips, any keen gardener can successfully grow cannabis.

Growing cannabis is surprisingly simple: all you need are a few seeds, pots, water and light. If, however, you want to maximise yields and also save time, you will do best with a Sea of Green. No other growing approach will allow you to harvest so much in so little time.
The following varieties are particularly appropriate for use as a Sea of Green: Super Skunk, Afghani #1, Hindu Kush and because it is very robust, the classic Northern Lights as well.

It is important to use a suitable variety of cannabis and the best idea is to use clones from a single parent plant. This will ensure that the plants all grow in the same way. Growing identical plants for a short period is the main key to success with a Sea of Green.
It is worth carefully pruning the plants during both the vegetation and flowering stages. If you remove the lower branches, then the plants have more energy to put into forming buds. The goal is for the plants to put all their energy into forming the main bud.
Once the plants begin to grow visibly and the first leaves have appeared, then the seedling phase is over.
Auto-flowering cannabis varieties shift automatically to the flowering stage within a few weeks of germination. They are a popular choice for a SOG. On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds tend to develop a branch structure with a wide reach. In addition, because of their Ruderalis genes, they will never develop buds as large and potent as those from seasonal cannabis.
The cultivation of cannabis indoors presents the grower with the same challenge every time: how do you make best use if the (limited) space available and how do you ensure that the plants get as much light as possible? The answer: Sea of Green.

Anyone living in a small apartment, or working with a Micro Grow Setup, will understand the benefits offered by only needing a small vertical space. Experienced growers can even use shelves to stack several growing levels on top of each other.

The Sea of Green (SOG) method: No other cultivation method leads to such a rapid cannabis harvest. It takes many, small plants, little space, proper care and following the useful tips in this article! Learn which cannabis varieties to use best and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

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