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how to roll bob marley papers

these are the best rolling papers not hard to roll burns good perfect size

You have no items to compare.
love this raps from being to end and I stuff em to the max and the burning is excellent also no canoeing at the end .

i love these papers! go green and get hemp, the bob marley papers are the right size and length
These are by far my most favorite papers to smoke! its so smooth & plus the glue sticks really good!
i thought these papers were really good , they were great to use 🙂
bob marley papers are long slow burning paper i always you to smoke with.
These papers could not get more perfect! I absolutely love them!

NO IT WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH!. That being said i highly, highly recommend this product. Cheaper than your local gas station too. Nice slow even burn, perfect size, works great with Zig Zag rolling machines!

Bob Marley 1 1/4 Rolling Papers come in a box of 25 packs, with 50 leaves per pack. Made of pure hemp.

How to roll bob marley papers

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Bob Marley Rolling Papers carry on Bob Marley’s legacy with a pure hemp smoking paper. 100% natural and smooth, check them out at