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how to make the best bubble hash

How to make the best bubble hash

It’s no wonder that Manny and other professional labs have made the switch. For the best possible bubble hash, freeze drying is the way to go. If you’re ready to produce the best products, check out our excellent freeze dryer options and other hash making products today.

To achieve this outcome, chill your entire production by:
Opting for tap water is suitable for restaurants, but not when making bubble hash. Depending on where you live, the quality of your water varies considerably, and you can never tell what is in there without expensive tests. The two main elements purified water removes that tap might not are chlorine and fluoride. If you do make bubble hash with tap water, you might end up with a mild but discernible chlorine taste in your product, as some users have encountered.

Manny and other bubble hash proponents are behind the freeze dryer movement. It’s no surprise either as the alternative method, air drying, presents many problems for producers that lack an expert touch. Getting a freeze dryer reduces drying times from a five to seven-day wait to around 24 hours. Furthermore, the clarity in freeze-dried bubble hash is noticeable compared to air dried.
Ice cold water is really what separates the cannabinoids from your cannabis by freezing and snapping trichome stalks and heads off of buds and trim leaves. Since trichomes are not water soluble, they become mixed into the slurry of water and ice in the bubble hash washer. From there, after filtering, you can find the trichomes at the bottom of your filter bags after completely sinking to the bottom of the wash.
As the famous one-hit wonder taught us, “you only get what you give.” If you use low-quality flower buds or trim, you’re going to end up with less than stellar yields.
When sourcing flower from your bubble hash and hash rosin, use terpene-rich, resinous strains. The same can be said for your flower’s freshness before washing. Even with the right quality, an less-than-fresh flower can often result in an off-brown or tan bubble hash.
Not only does bubble hash pack a punch with each hit, but it also provides purity that some other concentrates (think mid shelf BHO) tend to lack. That’s why everyone from the pros to regular folks uses these tips to create high-quality hash and rosin hash.

In short, if it isn’t cold, get it cold. While you can forgo this step, remember that you are trading quality for ease of production. You have been warned.

Full-melt bubble hash is making a huge resurgence as the connoisseur’s concentrate of choice. Its process produces purer trichomes and more potent yields than other concentrates, using only ice and water. Not only does bubble hash pack a punch with each hit, but it also provides purity that some other concentrates (thi