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how to make money in the cannabis industry

If you don’t want to be a part of the supply chain, like for CBD products, you can still make money in the industry and contribute to the canna culture.
While it might sound like a boring job, it pays well. You’ll also give advice to customers about the different strains and ring up customers.
While weed is a new sector, it is a promising one that offers many jobs.
While the positions vary, you can still find one that can pay well depending on your skills and the ways you’re marketing yourself.
Or if you have a specific knowledge base about the cannabis plant and special certifications you can be a marijuana doctor.
On the other hand, you can use an ETF, which is designed to secure the large stockholders and give them a stable and steady return.
Cannabis sales can reach about $17 billion in the US alone this year, according to BDS Analytics and ArcView Market Research, and that’s thanks to its legalization in more states. Business models are expanding as new opportunities are legalized. For instance, in many places in Europe it is now legal to purchase marijuana seeds on the internet. So if you’re looking to profit from pot, check out the following ways to get started.
In the US and Canada, you can now find different cannabis-related companies are already listed on stock exchanges.
You might also want to open a retail shop with focus on selling edibles and cannabis oils or try a paraphernalia shop for cannabis devices like vaporizers and vape pens.
How to Make Money in the Cannabis Industry Cannabis sales can reach about $17 billion in the US alone this year, according to BDS Analytics and ArcView Market Research, and that’s thanks to its
People’s perceptions of the cannabis industry are evolving, thanks to a greater degree of research and information available. In fact, a study conducted by Pew Research suggests two-thirds of Americans welcome the legalization of the plant. Although it is still considered a controlled substance by the federal government—it’s illegal by U.S. government standards—U.S. Attorney General William Barr pledged not to pursue action against businesses in states that have legalized the plant. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, while recreational usage is permitted in 11 states and Washington, D.C.
Consulting is generally a high-paying career path, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Cannabis consultants can earn six figures by combining their expertise in state and local cannabis regulations with their backgrounds as lawyers, accountants or people who have worked in another area of the marijuana industry. They can help businesses find acceptable locations, obtain the licenses they need to open, and advise them on other legal matters so they don’t get fined or shut down. They may also help business owners with bookkeeping and tax requirements, which can be especially tricky, as cannabis is generally a cash-only business, due to its illegality at the federal level.
Although many states have legalized marijuana, the federal government still considers it a controlled or illegal substance.
For a salary of approximately $80,000 to $100,000 or more per year, a grow master’s responsibilities may include:
Even if you don’t have prior marijuana industry experience, this position may be open to you if you have held a similar role in another industry and are a certified public accountant.
If you want to obtain a top-paying position in this exciting industry, which is finally gaining respect for its role in helping people ease medical symptoms and side effects and relax and enjoy themselves more, here are five jobs to consider. The joint, as they say, is jumping.
Work for a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary as a chief operating officer (COO) or chief financial officer (CFO) and you could earn $125,000 a year, plus medical and retirement benefits. Job responsibilities may include:
When most people think of marijuana, they’re likely to think of grow ops set up in the secret backrooms of shady dealers. Things are changing, especially now that the stigma attached to using the plant begins to fade. The cannabis plant has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes for as long as we can remember. But it’s only recently that governments have recognized—and admitted—that the physical and economic benefits outweigh dangers of the drug. In fact, with more areas of the world legalizing usage, the marijuana industry is growing and rapidly innovating. Read on to find out the basics of the industry and what some of the highest paying jobs are in the field.
Being a successful marijuana edibles chef requires more than an ability to cook and bake well and an understanding of commercial kitchens. It also takes an understanding of how to infuse marijuana into food in quantities that are legal and pleasurable while keeping that overwhelming marijuana flavor at bay.
Here are five high-paying jobs in the marijuana field—a rapidly growing industry that continues to flourish.