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how to make hash with pollen press

I broke off a tiny amount, maybe an eighth of the disk with a razor, and smoked it out of a bowl today, and wow, I was really impressed.

Is this pressed / melted kief considered “hash”?
Because the kief was collected from a grinder, I still ended up smoking the ground up bud, it wasn’t like I was collecting the kief and throwing away the bud.

I saved the kief from my grinder (it is a cheap 4-piece grinder that I got at a local smokeshop for 5$), the kief (0.5g) essentially came out of a quarter of bud that I spent 60$ on. After collecting the kief in my grinder, I emptied it out onto a sheet of printer paper, and rolled it into a funnel to pour it into the pollen press, which i then heated with a heat gun. The kief itself was mostly golden, and light brown, but after heating some of it did appear to darken up. I think the reason there were a few green chunks in there is because the screen doesn’t have the smallest holes in it.
what did you use to strain out the hash?
1. this is consider shake keif. or low quality. I am not bitchin.. just saying.. the reason is.. purer keif is golden brown and very little green chunks. Nothing wrong with what you have or did.. I personally would not have done it for .5g of it but I also have a larger supply so my taste on things changed. a year ago.. I would have saved fan leaves from fresh plants
2. If you want to make that last. esp with that small ammount make a firecracker or heck even a capsule you just need oil..
So I attempted to make hash today, not sure if I did it right (never seen hash before in real life),
I did get a nice solid disk in the end, and it’s kind of a green / brown color. The disk weighs in at 0.4g’s, and is as wide as a penny, and about two penny’s tall.

Here is a picture, sorry about the low quality, it’s from my phone:

So I attempted to make hash today, not sure if I did it right (never seen hash before in real life), I had about 0.5g of kief, and so I put it in a pollen…