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how to make an apple bong without foil

How to make an apple bong without foil
3. Use a toothpick to make a preliminary hole at the top of the apple, where you just removed the stem. Poke a few holes to about halfway down inside the apple and set the toothpick aside.
Pack the top with your favorite cannabis strain. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)
2. First, remove the apple stem, by either using your fingers to twist it out or cutting it out with a knife. Make sure to remove the entire stem down to its base.
1. Assemble the necessary supplies. You’ll need an apple, a toothpick, a clean screwdriver, a knife, your favorite cannabis strain, and a lighter.
7. Using the screwdriver, make a third hole, about an inch from the top of the apple on the opposite side of the mouth opening. Push the screwdriver into the apple until it meets the center chamber you’ve created. This hole acts as the carb, so it should be in a place that’s convenient for when you light up.
5. Remove the screwdriver. Take out the apple core and dispose of it.
4. Push the screwdriver through the toothpick holes you made in the top of the apple. Twist the screwdriver back and forth to create a clear pathway to the center of the apple down to about half an inch from the bottom of the fruit.
6. Using the screwdriver, poke a second hole about half an inch from the bottom of the apple and push toward the center of the fruit. The goal is to make this pathway meet the first hole you made, as this is the opening from which you’ll inhale your cannabis.
Assemble the necessary supplies. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)
How to Make an Apple Bong What is an Apple Bong? An apple bong is a homemade pipe constructed from an apple that is used to smoke cannabis. Apple bongs are considered one of the healthier