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how to make a weed firecracker

Sandwich your two crackers on top of one another, and your firecracker is almost ready for take-off.

  • Graham Crackers: Try honey, cinnamon or chocolate versions to mix it up
  • Peanut Butter: Try natural or use Nutella… or twist it up with both!
  • Toothpick
  • Foil

Gather Supplies

There are many ways to decarb your weed for edibles, but here’s the most foolproof method.
For one firecracker serving, you’ll need anywhere from a half gram to two grams of high quality weed, depending on how high you wanna get. If you’re prepping for a party, multiply that amount of bud times the amount of crackers you plan to serve.
Once complete, remove the bud from the oven and set it aside to cool. Don’t overbake your bud, or you’ll waste your weed.
Get Crackin’
Next, evenly spread the baked weed over your peanut-butter covered crackers. Use the toothpick to stir and mix the marijuana into the peanut butter.

You might be tempted to bite into your cracker concoction now, but don’t. It gets better once it’s baked. Wrap your firecracker in tin foil. Don’t skip this step, as it locks in the treat’s THC while baking.

This infused treat is delicious, potent, and pretty much anyone can make it — even if you lack serious skills in the canna-kitchen.

How to make a weed firecracker

I have never liked smoking and the most interesting thing about edibles is the scope of what you can make. The only limitation is your imagination. I use the crock pot. Weed and coconut oil and water and something to help the two mix a bit. Cook on low for a few hours. Cool, Sieve then cheese cloth into a plastic bowl.. refrigerate. Poor off the now quite smelly water and wash the bottom of the now solid block of coconut oil.. its a bit messy with some weed residue. Once that is done, back in the Crock pot and yes.. Decarb to 110c for about 20 mins. I made an accident last year and had 3 liters of oil in there trying to decarb it a little extra. I got distracted.. came out and it was over 150c, turpines gone, some thc gone. So like any good stoner.. I hate to waste.. I used that oil to decarb another bunch of buds.. a big bunch from my crop but the problem was the new bunch was sativa not indica (my fav) so now my oil is mostly sativa which does not couch lock so much. The problem with sativa edibles is that you can get really really stoned and not realise until you discover you forgot your name. Yep.. I call my edibles Confusion Cookies, but this is not my ideal. A good couch locking indica is a safety mechanism.. you cannot get too stoned because you simply fall into that indica coma oblivious to external stimulus or pain.. and sleep for a night. Which is what I want. For a Sativa, its preferable you are careful with it and I found it is ideal for non sedation pain control, cancer treatment (yes i have proven these many times with family members and friends.. wow it works fast. cancer reduced 50 percent in a week) but for me.. i have ptsd anxiety and insomnia so… more seeds i selected from the uk that sound like fire cracker but are not named as such. another 76 days and i can start over and this time, have a clearly marked indica batch and a sativa bach. once you have the oil, it can go into anything and yes, butter works fine too. my first attempts were always with butter but due to my many vegan friends.. coconut oil it is. You need an oil that will set solid in the refrigerator so that limits you. Also you do not want transfat so you must keep to cold pressed organic. Olive oil is not suitable because it wont set solid and you cant separate the oil correctly. I would love to make resin but getting pure alcohol let alone a good recovery device in my country is hard. Do not be afraid to cook. The high is a little slower but that is good because there is no anxiety rush. No tar in the lungs. No bad taste or bong smell. Just eat a snack.. find a good place to chill.. and wait for the onset which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to about a max at 2 – 3 hours depending on your strain, what you cooked and whether you ate before hand. You can decide on side effects by choosing your strain carefully. Not all of them have the same side effects. So choose what you want carefully. ”if you grow.. chose a mold resistant variety for the above reasons and of course.. to avoid mold. Choose and easy to grow variety and if you are just starting out.. experiment with some local weed seeds as they will be free or really cheap. dont start with expensive premium seeds. you should get a near 100 percent germination but then you need to coax them out, then move them about 4 times to varying degrees of light, careful of the temp each time. not enough light they grow spindly like a sprout and fall over and die. Use too strong a lite they grow short and fewer will germinate but those plants will be very strong. Water them but dont make them wet. Save that for your… anyway.. lots of light, trim off the lower leaves when they start to reach their normal height.. and wait for the flowers then really pay attention to the tricomes and notice the difference between the natural gold color of some.. and the browning off, which the later is a sign its ready for harvest. When cooking.. the entire plant is useful.
If you can cut it up and freeze it, then its fine to cook. but do not dry the weed unless you plan to smoke it as drying removes some turpines. On;y dry if you need to smoke or store away from the freezer and use a dehydrator so they do not go moldy and so you can control the temperature to about a max of 35c.

But if you would like to test your skills in cannabis cookery, it is always good to start with the basics. And there is nothing more basic than cannabutter, the ultimate ingredient in almost any edible.
Of course, nothing is perfect in this world, not even eating and preparing canna-edibles, if you can believe it.

As mentioned earlier, Firecracker is extremely hard to find, but if you have an opportunity to try this strain, use it by all means.
If the high is not happening straight away – be patient, wait a bit, maybe even an hour. It takes longer to absorb the weed through the digestive system. It will come, and when it does, it will probably blow your mind.
An easy, delicious, and very strong edible.
Experienced smokers can go as high as 0.5 g per one serving, but I would not recommend this dosage for a beginner or occasional smoker.
It happened to me once, and let’s just say I learned my lesson.

I would not call this a recipe because you are not preparing anything, just spreading the mixture of Nutella and cannabutter on the cracker.

For weed enthusiasts who are not so enthusiastic about the kitchen, here comes the easiest weed recipe in the world – firecracker weed recipe.