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how to leave feedback in bulk on ebay

How to leave feedback in bulk on ebay

1. You can get to the buyer feedback from from My eBay or from the Sellers Hub. Navigate to one of these sections to begin.

Leaving feedback on eBay counts toward buyer and seller ratings.
3. Select the appropriate rating and add comments about your transaction. Click “Leave Feedback to save and submit your feedback. Feedback left for buyers cannot be changed once submitted.

The eBay feedback feature allows users to leave feedback for multiple items at once or choose individual items one at a time. Some feedback ratings can be edited after submitting.
2. Click the “Leave Feedback button next to the item you would like to rate the service you received.
Buyers and sellers can dispute feedback ratings if they believe they have been given poor ratings unfairly.
3. Add your rating for the categories displayed and any comments you might have for the seller. Click “Leave Feedback” at the bottom of the form to save. Feedback can be changed or updated later if needed, though you’ll need to contact the seller.
2. Choose an item from recent orders and click “Leave Feedback.”

Here’s how to leave feedback for buyers and sellers on eBay:

Users can leave feedback on eBay depending on their role in a recent transaction. Feedback must be left within 60 days of a completed transaction.