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how to grow weed underwater

How to grow weed underwater

several buckets of 5 gallons

To set up your production you are going to need:
An air pump will infuse the water with air so that the plants will not drown. You will add all the nutrients that your plants need to the water.

Fact is that this system is one of the easiest way to get started with growing marijuana professionally. There are some things to consider when setting up your DWC system but once you invested this initial time and money there will be very low maintenance for you.
watering your plants vs growing within water (also know as hydroponics)
What you want to do is: Get your plants into the growing medium and place them into the net pots. The net pots go above the buckets. Within in the bucket of water you will find the air stone which adds oxygen through infusing bubbles into the water. The water running from bucket to bucket will be shuttled around adding extra oxygen. The air stone is connected to the air pump via airline tubing. All your buckets will be connected to a recirculating system.
Pay attention the the temperature of the water you are using. You do not want to go higher than 68 degrees because than the oxygen level will start to fall. Think about using a water chiller if you are living in a very hot area. If you go lower than 60 degrees however your plants might think they are going into fall or winter which will stop them from flowering. You can use aquarium heater to heat the water.
When setting up your water system these are the parts that will be important for you:

Going hydroponic and setting up the right system for water and nutrients is what differentiates the novice from the master. A hydroponic grow system could be the key to your best yield ever.

The beauty of growing an indoor hydroponic grow system is that it gives you full control of the water supply as well as quality and most importantly the combination of nutrients in the water.