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how to grow dwc

How to grow dwc
The roots of a cannabis plant need oxygen in order to eat. Because of this, airstones are a vital piece of equipment when growing in hydro. You must ensure you have a good, reliable model. Also, you must always make sure that the pipes are not blocked, or tangled with roots.
There are many different varieties of hydroponic systems. One of the most popular of these is Deep Water Culture, AKA, D.W.C. Growing cannabis in DWC will bring you big plants, with heavy yields. But, it can seem to be a complex system to work with, if you have not grow in DWC before.
The cubes should have been sat for 24 hours, in water, that has been ph’d at 5.8. Then, when you plant your seed into the rockwool, the ph will be perfect.
This water will have nutrients dissolved into it, and an airstone will be used to provide the root zone with plenty of air. Together with air, nutrients and water, the root zone can drink, eat and breathe a lot! This will make plants grow quickly, and will result in bigger yeilds, in less time.
Reservoir temps, air to the root zone, and a regular check of EC and PH, will see your plant reach harvest healthy. Just make sure you do not over feed the plants, as it is very easy to do!
The EC of your res for seedlings, should only be around 0.2 EC over your background EC. You can the follow the PH and EC of the res to determine how to proceed with the next feed.
Growing cannabis in DWC will take more time, and maintenance than growing in soils. But, for some people it works better. Regular routine checks and a system to follow can make it very easy. You pretty much just have to follow the instructions from the plant.
To ensure a healthy root zone, the reservoir of your DWC bucket must be kept clean! Keep your temperature of the res around 18c, and a constant supply of air, and problems will not arise often. But once a week, with a maximum of 10 days, you should clean out your reservoir and replace the nutrient solution completely.
For growing in DWC, you do not need a lot of equipment, and what you need is easily sourced:
Growing cannabis in DWC will bring you big plants, with heavy yields. Regular checks and a routine to follow can make it very easy. Learn to grow in DWC
How to grow dwc
Since a DWC setup doesn’t use any growing medium, there is little risk of bugs and other cannabis pests latching on.
Alternatively, you can make your own DWC net pots out of almost anything by creating a number of large holes in containers or plastic flower pots. The difficulty here, however, is that cutting or drilling might result in sharp edges that could damage the sensitive roots. One good way to go about this is to use a soldering iron where you burn holes in the sides, rather than cutting or drilling them. (Do this outdoors since the fumes from burning plastic can be hazardous). You can also use baskets or nets for your DWC system.
Here is a list of strains by Royal Queen Seeds that can tolerate nutrient/pH fluctuations well:
Plants grown in DWC setups have easier access to oxygen and nutrients, which means they spend less energy searching for nutrients and developing roots. As a result, plants will reward you with fast vegetative growth and excellent yields. In a good DWC setup with the right nutrients and strain, cannabis can grow as much as 10cm in a single day!
You can grow pretty much any strain in a DWC if you keep a close eye on everything. On the other hand, some strains are less susceptible to fluctuations that can happen in a DWC system, making them an overall better choice for hydroponics.
Recirculating DWC systems make use of one large tank that is connected to a number of individual smaller reservoirs for each plant. The feeding solution is fed from the large tank to each of the plants, and is recirculated back into the tank. Some systems may just have one air pump and an air stone in the large tank, while others may have an air stone in each container for each plant. Air stones create bubbles to ensure proper gas exchange.
Amnesia Haze by Royal Queen Seeds is made from old-school Haze genetics, and is considered by many to be one of the best Haze varieties. The super-potent sativa (70%) delivers a truly psychedelic head high, and is very well-suited for hydroponics, including DWC.
Royal Moby by Royal Queen Seeds is a potent, sativa-dominant hybrid that can handle large amounts of nutrients without being overfed, which makes her a great choice for DWC. Get ready for a powerful high thanks to her 21% THC!
An absolute classic, Skunk XL is Royal Queen Seeds’ modern version of the legendary Skunk #1. This 50% sativa/indica hybrid has a well-balanced effect that mixes an uplifting head high with a relaxing body stone. She does well in many conditions including hydro, and takes a particular liking to DWC.
Deep Water Culture is a great method of growing cannabis hydroponically. Learn all about DWC and be rewarded with fast growth and extraordinary yields.