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how to get unhigh fast

After smoking I wake up really high (I am very skinny so I assume it just doesn’t go away as quickly) but every once in a while I have work in the morning and I don’t want to go to work high. Stop what can I do either during smoking or in the morning to prevent/fix it when it happens?

Eat a large meal
Getting un-high? No clue man. The only advice I have for you is plan better.

Cold showers, coffee, and exercise get me out of the slumped high mode. I read in another thread that a girl took Vit. B for a month or two for more energy, and her highs were tamped a bit as a result. Who knows if it’s true.
Nice, warm shower (20-30 minutes)
Imo the best ways to sober up in no particular order are:
A large dose of vitamin c will soner u up
I actually have a weird ability to turn being stoned off. Like I just go sober. Not sure how I do it, it’s kind of like a muscle you know. I just do it. Originally I thought everyone could do it.

Have sex/intense fapping session

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