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how to get rid of cottonmouth

It all starts with spit. Saliva keeps our mouths lubricated, making it easier to eat and talk. Spit also performs other useful tasks like remineralizing our teeth and combating bacteria that causes bad breath. Thanks, spit!

Dehydration is the most common and obvious reason. If all your beverages come from a can that advertises how jacked you’ll be after drinking it, you may want to throw some water in the mix. The same can be said for all the coffee addict out there.
Use common sense. If cottonmouth has you down, don’t add to the problem by eating salty foods or smoking tobacco.

In addition to this internal reaction, inhaling smoke makes cottonmouth worse. Smoke is made of fine, hot ash, which coats the inside of your mouth when you inhale. That said, cottonmouth can’t be avoided by drinking.
The best way to get rid of alcohol cottonmouth is to suck on a piece of hard candy or chew some gum. Contrary to popular belief, consuming more alcohol is not the answer for curing cottonmouth from alcohol.
Keep hard candies around. We’re talking Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, Nerds, Tic-Tacs. keep a handful of your favorite hard candy around for an enjoyable way to treat cottonmouth. The strong sweet and sour flavors in candy are enough to throw your salivary glands into overdrive no matter how much you smoked. Just be sure to brush your teeth when you’re done.
Things Could be Worse!
Adderall cottonmouth can last hours, however it is not too difficult to treat. You must drink plenty of water and liquids but not all at once you should try little frequent sips to keep your mouth and throat moistened. Drying out completely makes it difficult to swallow so be sure to keep a water bottle at hand so you can take a sip every few minutes.

Best Drinks for Cottonmouth: Drink water or tea. This one seems obvious but it can be hard to avoid other tempting drinks like soda, beer, or juice. Sadly, those beverages only serve to make you thirstier. Avoid alcoholic, sugary, or caffeinated beverages when you’re suffering from cottonmouth. Sip water or tea to keep hydrated and combat dry mouth caused by smoking.

Get rid of cottonmouth with these helpful tips. Whether you have cottonmouth from smoking, drinking, or other medication. This helpful guide will get your mouth hydrated in no time. Don't choke from dry mouth next time you get high, see all the most popular user submitted tips.