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how to get bigger yields from autoflowers

How to get bigger yields from autoflowers

Growers can use any combination of these or other techniques to grow a plant with the perfect size and shape, but be warned this can backfire. Inexperienced growers are often too aggressive with training. In traditional photoperiod cannabis, this isn’t a problem as the plant can be left to recover and veg indefinitely, and the grower will only allow flowering once all damage heals. In contrast, autoflowers, flower well, automatically, meaning any injury received in training might not fully recover before flowering and damage yield in the process. For this reasons, Fast Buds official company line is that you shouldn’t train autos, but growers are rebels by nature and do it anyway. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Autoflowers will bloom regardless of what light schedule you keep them on, so there’s no reason to limit how much light they receive. Growers report having excellent results, on a program of 20 hours of light and 4 of darkness. A few enterprising cultivators swear by 24-hour lighting. Light, it’s what plants crave. So don’t skimp on it!
The size of a marijuana plant above ground is directly related to its size below ground. The root system of cannabis is every bit as important to its health, and your yield, as the bushy tree you see above. The more room this system has to grow, the larger the plant will get. That means that the easiest trick to increasing your yield is simply to grow in a larger pot possible.

How do I grow something that big? A lot of growers see our pictures on social media and are blown away by the size and yield of the monster autos on display. How do they do it? Well, we’re here to run down five simple things you can do to ensure your next harvest is a bumper crop. While you’re here don’t forget to check out The Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains.
A cannabis seed is a machine that turns dirt into weed. The quality of the soil in its pot is directly related to the health of your plant, and ultimately the size of your harvest. You can’t just go to the garden center at your local big box store and pick up whatever dirt you find. High-quality soil is essential for high-quality weed, and you’ll want to select carefully. For beginners, you can’t go wrong with a 50/50 mix of high-quality soil of your choice with coco choir. More advanced growers might want to try growing with other mediums.
Depending on the height of their tent, indoor growers will want to choose their pot more conservatively. Selecting too large a pot can lead to the plant overgrowing its tent.
High-quality soil is necessary, but sometimes it’s not enough. Your plants will need particular nutrients during their growth to reach their maximum potential. With a bit of care and some good luck, you may find that your soil has everything the plant needs, but sometimes that’s not enough. When this happens, we suggest investing in some high-quality plant nutrients. We can’t make any brand recommendations, but we can let you know that autoflowers tend to be very voracious eaters, and the most common nutritional deficiencies are calcium and magnesium.
Experienced growers can significantly boost the size of their harvests by training their plant. How do you train a pot plant? Well, it depends on the type of training. One of the most popular is called ‘topping’ and involves cutting off a tiny bit of the top of the plant to encourage growth on the lower branches. This results in a short plant with many massive colas that can all receive illumination from the grow light above. Other training options include: Fimming, which is a less aggressive alternative topping; defoliation, or cutting the leaves of the plant to force more nutrients into the flowers; tie-down, where the young plant is held to the ground with stakes, forcing it to grow horizontally.

These five tips apply to our entire strain catalog. What are you waiting for, click that link and Enjoy Growing Fast!

How do I grow something that big? A lot of growers see our pictures on social media and are blown away by the size and yield of the monster autos on display. Ho

How to get bigger yields from autoflowers

The grower and the plants are on the clock from day one. Therefore, it is critical to ensure seedlings root well. A cool white CFL or even a sunny windowsill are adequate. Just make sure vegetative growth goes smoothly because ready or not bloom will commence. Remember autoflowering cannabis flowers according to its age rather than a shift to a 12/12 lighting cycle.

Auto’s can be tricky to get feeding dialled in with conventional hydroponics nutes. But they can work. So long as you very carefully micro-dose. Autos are far less nutrient thirsty than heavy indica photoperiod cannabis. Think mini sativa when feeding an auto.
In 120 days you could definitely complete two consecutive cannabis harvests of autos. Think about it, if you can cultivate two auto crops in that time frame and grow SOG style, it’s a no-brainer to double down.

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We recommend our proven highly potent and heavy yielding auto strains. For those looking for the bulkiest of harvests, you cannot beat Royal Critical Auto. Just like her photoperiod counterpart Critical, this auto will pack on enormous bud mass during bloom. Plus she will only take 9 weeks post germination to make it to an impressive harvest. This is the definition of high grade in a hurry.
If you must add some nutes early to soil, do so sparingly. Generally, bloom nutrients and boosters are all that’s required. Again even in flowering low to medium doses of nutrients and supplements will suffice. Over-fertilising plants is the most common yield stealing error growers make with autos.
Autos might be relatively light feeding and perhaps you didn’t use too many fertilisers. But you invariably used some and they could ruin the buds flavour if you don’t flush. Use pure water or a light flushing solution. This final step will pay dividends when it’s time to smoke that fat auto-weed stash.
For those that cannot easily pick up plant pots invest in a water meter or monitor device. This inexpensive piece of grow kit can be invaluable to the novice hydroponics cannabis cultivator. Water meters take out the guess work.

Soil growers are advised to use lightly fertilised soil to cultivate autoflowering cannabis. Heavily fertilised soils will burn these babies. Aside from supplements like enzymes, vitamin B and beneficial fungi autos don’t really require large doses of base nutes during the short vegetative stage.

Autoflowering cannabis has come of age now both potent and productive. With our simple 10 step guide, your next autoflowering marijuana harvest will be huge.