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how to germinate seeds in rockwool

How to germinate seeds in rockwool

pH balance. Rockwool contains limestone, which naturally creates a high pH level. Most plants need a more neutral pH and you can balance Rockwool cubes’ pH for optimum use in hydroponics. The medium offers a cost-effective way of growing higher yields, which makes many growers prefer it.

Rockwool cubes are chosen by many growers for grow rooms, as they provide a great medium to plant seeds in. With very high density, Grodan cubes provide great structural integrity for plants.
Make sure that a piece of Rockwool covers the hole so that the seeds have a dark and moist environment to grow in.

Step #3: Sealing in Humidity and Heat
Algae prevention. Keep an eye out for algae growing on Rockwool cubes, as the constant moisture of the medium and the constant light make it a great medium for algae. Other areas of the hydroponic system can also be conducive for algae to grow, particularly in output and input pipes and nutrient tanks. Cover Rockwool with either shade covers or plastic sheeting to prevent light from reaching it.
Get a container with water and your pH meter so you know when you’ve reached the ideal pH. Plants usually love a pH level of around 5.5 and not the approximately 7.8 level that Rockwool cubes have.
This ensures both increased and longer oxygen-holding abilities in addition to better insulation. Germination and rooting of plant cuttings need this increased insulation to improve the dispersion and wicking of nutrients and moisture.
As plants grow, you can open the vents in the lid to decrease humidity and slowly harden off the plants.

The first step in growing seeds with Rockwool is to bring down the cubes’ pH level. Make sure to never squeeze Rockwool, as this can decrease the airflow to the roots and cause root rot.

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How to germinate seeds in rockwool

3 days. Once the first true leaves emerge, we want to select for the strongest one (the one that grew the tallest), and cut off the tops of all other seeds that are growing next to it. Do not pluck them out, as you may uproot it’s neighbors. Simply cut it off as close to the hole as you can without messing with the stronger one that you plan on keeping alive.

Here are a few extra tips to follow when trying to germinate your cannabis seeds:
Check out this method in action:

In this lesson, we will learn how to start your own seed with Rockwool Cubes. Below is a detailed guide to success with Rockwool, and a step-by-step video tutorial can be found at the bottom of the page.
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Step 3: Provide water for your seeds by soaking your container in a tray containing about an inch of water. This allows the soil to be moistened uniformly, preventing over-watering. This also keeps the seed in the perfect place for germination to occur.
Like soaking the seeds in water, this method provides lots of water to the seeds to start germination.
Step 3: Put the plugs into a square box or tray and cover with a plastic dome. This ensures a high humidity environment, which increases germination success, and helps seedlings along after germination.

Check out this method in action:

They should look like this: How To Start From Seed With Rockwool Cubes In this lesson, we will learn how to start your own seed with Rockwool Cubes. Below