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how to fatten up buds before harvest

How to fatten up buds before harvest
Organic nutrients that are heavy, have a very dense characteristic with a shiny dark appearance will be made from molasses. Sugar beet and unsulphured blackstrap molasses are extremely rich in minerals and have very high sugar content.
Top Tip: No matter what you are feeding your Cannabis plants during the flowering period, feeding them only plain water is necessary to remove any undissolved salts, as well as allowing the plants to use their internal reserve of nutrients.
There are many variables that can determine how chunky and trichome rich your nugs will be, so in this article, we explain how to grow the biggest buds during flower, what to consider and how to avoid smaller, low-producing popcorn buds.
• Keep airflow at a maximum preventing stagnant air to build up.
• There will be no lower undeveloped buds when trimming the plants.
What To Remember
After you have spent the time growing and training your plants in the vegetative stage, you will want to flower your Cannabis plants with the intention of producing thick, fat, and dense buds.
It is important to know that it is the beneficial microorganism present in the soil food web, that will use the carbon and in return feed the plants. Carbon is an essential food source for microbes and fungi and supercharging a living soil.
• Lights with higher photoactive radiation (P.A.R) will perform the best.
After you have spent the time growing and training your plants in the vegetative stage, you will want to flower your Cannabis plants with the intention of produ
How to fatten up buds before harvest

  • 52% dissolvable phosphorus
  • 34% dissolvable potassium

Start using from the second flowering week onwards.
This product is incredibly concentrated, so you should only ever use a maximum of around 1ml per liter of water. You should start using it at the start of the fattening period, which is around three-four weeks in; make sure to use Super Bloom every second time you water. The manufacturer recommends using it alongside other base nutrients and flowering stimulants in order to obtain the best possible results. You should stop using it around 15 days before harvesting in order to get any leftover chemicals out of your plants’ systems.
Bloombastic by Atami is one of the most sought-after bud fatteners on the market thanks to its unique combination of hydrates, sugars and high PK, which gives plants an intense flowering period and an increase in resin and THC. You’ll be able to see visible results after just two doses.

  • Use 2ml/L during the 3 rd flowering week.
  • Use 5ml/L during the 5 th flowering week.

In order to use it correctly, add from 0.5 to 1ml per liter of water from the fourth flowering week onwards until the end of the process. The manufacturer recommends not going over the recommended dose, and using it twice a week at most.
BAC’s Organic PK Booster is a natural fertilizer used to fatten your cannabis plants’ flowers thanks to its extra potassium and phosphorus content. It’s used during the fattening period and contains 100% organic nutrients. This fattening product can easily help you to grow bigger buds.
Bio Boom by BioBizz is a 100% organic product made using natural ingredients that are perfect for the flowering period in cannabis plants. It’s used with Bio Grow in order to obtain amazing results, according to the manufacturers grow chart.
On the other hand, outdoors you’ll need to sprinkle 100g of Guanokalong Gano around your plants’ trunk so that when you water it, it goes down into the substrate. You’ll need to repeat this process every two months, approximately.
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