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how to check trichomes

How to check trichomes

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Click this link to see a short animated .gif of an endoscope in action!

Notes: USB microscopes were cutting-edge when they first came out, but they were also a burden because they had to be connected to a laptop or computer. These days, many newer Android smartphones have OTG, which means that they can be connected to USB devices just like a computer. The combination of a smartphone with a USB microscope is tough to compete with since images come in so clearly without a steep learning curve. Make sure your phone can support OTG before getting a USB microscope. This means no iPhone/iPad users just yet…
Best example: If you simply must have one, this magnifier has changeable heads so you can get more magnification without sacrificing much lens size. But honestly, any other tool on this list will probably be better for you when it comes to checking trichomes.

Example pictures:

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  • For those with Android smartphones: Plugable USB Microscope
  • For Apple users or those without smartphones: Jeweler’s Loupe
    • Apple products don’t support OTG yet, so USB microscopes won’t work for this group. Surprisingly, a jeweler’s loupe is the next best thing in our book!

Best example: If a USB microscope works with your phone, it’ll probably do a decent job. That being said, I have yet to try a better USB microscope than this one. I wish the focus feature was easier to use with one hand, but it’s worth it for the pictures/video it produces. Pluggable USB Microscope
Today, we’re going to focus on the best tools to use for the trichome method. Not only will you learn what to expect from each type of tool (with pictures), but you’ll end up with the ability to judge the harvest window better and as a result, get better potency and yields in your next cannabis grow. Let’s get to it!
Best example: You can’t really go wrong with a loupe. Almost any loupe you get from a local hydro store or online will suffice. This is the one we used in the pictures above: Wesley’s Jeweler’s Loupe

  • Jeweler’s Loupe: They’re cheap, easy to use, durable and they magnify enough to actually help determine harvest time. A jeweler’s loupe and a phone together are better than either one is on its own. It’s really hard to beat this much value and dependability!

Do you want to maximize your cannabis yields and potency? Read our guide to learn how to use magnifiers/microscopes and pick the perfect harvest time!