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how to build at bucket cheap

How to build at bucket cheap

Some frame makers make their frames one width front to back like a stock T frame, others have a frame that tapers from the rear to the front similar to a Model A frame. And others have other ideas.

There is usually not enough room for a Watt’s linkage in a T bucket.
When drilling or tapping use plenty of tapping fluid or thread cutting oil; you can use a tubing notcher that you bolt to a steel table top and tack a piece of scrap angle iron so you can clamp the tubing at the right angle to cut the ends.

There isn’t much else out there except school bus seats which must be shortened as well.
You’ll want a nice 5/8-3/4″ piece of plywood cut to fit the firewall of your roadster on the inside. This gives you a nice solid mounting surface for your electrics (fuse box, relays, etc.) and accelerator pedal.
The coil spring seat assembly in your car and a working suspension on your car will give you as close to that “Cadillac” ride as you can get with a short wheelbase light car like the T and make those long trips to rod runs not only enjoyable but desirable.
Based on the ’28-’34 Ford suspension, this is the old classic (if there is any such thing). Most important thing is to make sure your spring is mounted under tension as the original Ford design requires. The spring must be spread to mount the shackles to the perches. Be sure if you are using a ’28-’31 or ’32-’34 front spring to have the perches at the proper width and have the correct shackles for the spring you have. ’32-’34 springs have a larger spring eye than ’28-’31 A’s do.
The little T doesn’t lend itself well to bucket seats as most readily available ones are too wide for the T body.

Determine the height of your seat riser board at the front of the cushion by mocking up the cushion assembly in the body. You’ll want about a 4-6″ board for the proper slope of the seat from front to back. You may put a short block or two under the back as well if it fits your purpose.

The FREE T Bucket plans Contents [edit] Intro This wiki page was created to design and distribute free plans for building a T Bucket. It grew out of this discussion on the Hotrodders

How to build at bucket cheap

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