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how to blow o’s with vape

Getting the right form or the right “O” shape of your mouth involves flattening your lips against your teeth, and not puckering them too much or curling them inward. You won’t be able to blow smoke rings if you are not able to assume this form.

You need the right-juice to produce great smoke rings. Why? This is because thicker liquids lead to thicker clouds and great smoke rings by extension. That is why you should use the right PG/VG ratio for your e-liquid.
Obviously the first thing you need for you to blow smoke rings is a vaping device. The second thing you need is a nice, calm environment because moving air will disrupt the fragile vapor, while still air will allow a smoke ring to grow to its full glory and linger for a while afterwards. Now that you have settled all of that, you are ready to blow smoke rings.

Blowing smoke rings with the vapors from your vape pen can be fun especially when you want to show off like other vapers. However not everyone has such luck with blowing smoke rings. Here are five reasons why you or your friends may find smoke rings elusive.
With this you now know the way your mouth should be shaped and the right amount of vapor you need to push out to get a good ring. Once you have gotten this far ,the next step is to start pushing the vapor out with your tongue or with short breaths .The bigger smoke rings which everyone will admire will only start coming when you master the technique of pushing the vapor with your throat.
How windy is the environment where you are vaping. Even a slight draft is enough to prevent you from producing smoke rings. So ensure that you are in a calm environment with light or no movement of air before you try to blow smoke rings.
However these unregulated mods require an intricate knowledge of proper battery care that is readily available to regular vapers. For those who prefer regulated mods, sub-ohm tank are the best bets.
Applying a spin when blowing smoke rings will keep them in shape for much longer than when you don’t. If you just blow vapor in the shape of an “o” without any spin, the “o” will dissipate before it even gets formed.

How long have you practiced. Only dragons are supposed to be born with the ability to blow fire and smoke rings. Since you are not one, you should practice the right technique and form, time and time again.

Blowing a smoke ring is a fundamental trick in the vapers trick arsenal. Learn how with our simple how to guide.

How to blow o's with vape

4. The Smoke Waterfall. This trick is also known as “Liquid Mist” and requires a bit of preparation beforehand. Grab a bottle with a bit of ice in the bottom of it, then take a hit from your vape. Slowly exhale the vapor into the bottle, then turn it upside down and pour out the vapor. The ice at the bottom of the bottle slows down the vapor molecules, turning it into a heavier substance that pours out like a slow waterfall.

After you feel comfortable with the more basic tricks, you can start working your way through the more advanced ones. These can take several months to master, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t learn these as easily as you may have learned the basic tricks.
2. French Inhale. This move is also known as the “Irish Waterfall” and was made famous by rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. To begin, take a hit but don’t inhale the vapor. Let it settle in your mouth and then slowly open your mouth, stick out your bottom jaw, and let the vapor flow out naturally while inhaling through your nose.

4. Bull Rings. This trick requires quite a bit of practice and precision. First, blow a thick O (you’ve mastered this one, right?) and lean into it, inhaling through your nostrils to bring the top part of the O through your nose. This creates the illusion of you “wearing” the O, and is doubly impressive if you already have a septum piercing!
This is probably the most basic of vape tricks and is the first one vapers tend to master. These rings are formed when you inhale vapor, form your mouth into an “O” shape, and then “cough” out the vapor bit by bit.
1. Colored vape smoke. If you’re handy with digital effects tools, this one’s for you. It’s technically not a trick, but it’s a great enhancement for vape trick videos. There are also mods available commercially that contain LED lights to color your vape clouds.
1.The Tornado. As you probably guessed from the name, this trick involves whirling a flat pool of vapor into a tornado-like structure. Take a hit from your vape and then carefully and slowly exhale the vapor onto a flat surface such as a table. Don’t exhale with a lot of force as the pool needs to be as thick and still as you can make it. Then chop at the surface of the pool with your hand, flicking your wrist up and lifting your arm in one movement.
5. Vape Bubbles. This trick is also prop-based, so you’ll need to have your props ready before attempting. Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and make a bubble solution of hand soap and water in a bowl. Dip the cut end of the bottle into the solution, take a hit from your vape, and slowly exhale through the mouth of the bottle to create a bubble filled with vapor.

Once you’ve gotten into the basics of vaping and have your setup complete, you might want to start taking things to the next level: vape tricks. These are a huge hit at vaping conventions and contests, but they’re nothing new. As long as people have been smoking, they’ve been performing tricks with their smoke, from basic smoke rings, or O’s, to more advanced tricks, such as the Jellyfish. We’ve compiled a pretty comprehensive list of tips and tricks to take your vaping skills up a notch.

Once you’ve gotten into the basics of vaping and have your setup complete, you might want to start taking things to the next level: vape tricks. These are a huge hit at vaping conventions and…