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how deep to plant weed seeds

After the germination process of your cannabis seeds the real journey starts. It’s time to plant your weed seeds!

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To choose the right pot for your grow it’s important to determine the preferred plant height before planting your seeds. Large plants won’t grow in small pots as small pot’s don’t provide enough space for root development. As a general rule every 5 liters is equal to 20 cm of plant-height. Although this rule doesn’t apply to all species, it’s a useful indication for the final plant height.

  • Lightproof pots with drainage
  • Moist airy potting soil
  • Pen
  • Tweezers
  • Germinated cannabis seeds

To plant your seeds into the soil you need the following attributes:
For a healthy growth, roots have to be prevented from drowning. It’s therefore extremely important to choose a pot with drainage. Drainage holes on the underside of the pot will make it possible for the water to escape.
To plant a seed the root from the seed must be at least 0.5 to 1.5 cm long. Use tweezers to put the seed in the dimple. The root sting (germinated root from the seed) should point downwards. Is the seed stuck to the moist paper towel? Don’t pull the seed but spray the seed with water again. You will see that the seed is now easily released.
Not sure which pot to use? Check the table below!

Besides drainage, the growpot must be light-proof which will prevent the roots of contact with light.

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