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homemade weed bowls

Homemade weed bowls

Light the herb and enjoy the fruity taste in every hit!

Indent the can around the hole making a bowl pack for your herb.
Take your liquid container (water jug, etc…) and burn the center of the bottle cap and push the socket through tightly so it’s snugged to the cap, just as you did with the waterfall bong above.

The pumpkin bong is the biggest household smoking item on the list.
Make a third hole in another side of the apple that connects to both pathways. This hole will act like a rush to make sure it’s in a good spot that your finger can reach while you hit it.
Fill the indented area with nug.
Make a hole in the gallon’s cap for the socket to be inserted. This can be done the same way as above, by heating the cap with a lighter and then poking a small hole. From there, heat the hole a bit more, and shove the socket in til it fits snug.
Smoke your homemade one-hitter and enjoy your experience.

Pushing the water bottle back into the basin forces the smoke to come up through the bottle into your mouth.

This guide explores 10 easy to make homemade smoking pipes. Some are made of food, others are made from common household items.