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homemade pipe

Homemade pipe



  1. Prepare the downstem. Remove the casing of the ball-point pen until only an empty tube is left.
  2. Attach the downstem to the bottle. Using scissors, make a small hole to allow it to be fixed to the water bottle. Then, insert the tube at an angle that will enable it to point upward.
  3. Make the bowl. There are two options. (1) The cone-shaped tip of the ball-point pen could be used to hold the cannabis. (2) Fashion a bowl using aluminum foil and then poking three holes at the bottom.
  4. Make a carb. Poke a small hole at the bottom part of the bottle. This will act as the carb hole.
  5. Begin smoking. Pack the bowl lightly with dried herbs then use as a regular pipe. The bottle’s opening at the top will serve as the mouthpiece.
  1. Preparing the candy. Unwrap each Starburst candy. Be sure to wear gloves because it is sticky. Optionally, it can also be held using the wrapper.
  2. Molding the pipe. There are two ways to do this: (1) Candies could be stacked side by side and compress until it sticks together. Then, squish one more at on one end to serve as the bowl. (2) The Starburst candy could also be molded into a singular mass and formed into the shape of a pipe.
  3. Make the bowl. On the end that will serve as the bowl, poke a hole halfway through the shaft.
  4. Connect the mouthpiece to the bowl. From the side, use the same stick to skewer the shaft until it connects to the hole to form an “L” shape tunnel.
  5. Refrigerate. Let the candy pipe cool in the refrigerator for a few minutes. This helps to harden it and prevents it from being too sticky to handle.
  1. Plan where to drill. Place a strip of duct tape near the middle of the bottle. It will prevent the drill from stop slipping.
  2. Drill the hole. Start with the smallest bit possible before working up to bigger drill bits. This allows the hole to widen gradually thus preventing too much pressure to be placed on the glass. Stop drilling when the hole produced is enough to install the downstem.
  3. Fit the stem. Place the downstem through the hole at an angle that allows it to point upward. If the hole is still too small, avoid forcing the glass stem through. Just drill the hole bigger until the stem fits. If it is too large, fit a rubber ring around the stem to make it a bit wider.
  4. Seal the hole. Silicone sealant is non-toxic and forms an air-tight seal that will not let smoke or water to spill. It also fixes the stem in place. Once applied, leave to rest for 4 to 6 hours until dry.
  5. Clean the bottle. Rinse the bottle and the sealed hole thoroughly to wash away any silicone and glass dust residues.
  6. Fill the bottle. Pour water pass the bottom of the stem. It acts as a filter and helps cool down the smoke for a smoother hit.
  7. Begin smoking. Pack the bowl with herbs and light it. Draw in the smoke.

The frost pipe or “ice bong” requires a specialized kit that could be purchased online. The kit mostly comprises of a mold with a built-in chamber for the bowl and the mouthpiece. Water is poured into the mold and is left to freeze until a solid block of ice is made.
The water bottle bong employs the same techniques and principles as the tic tac bong. This homemade pipe, however, cannot be used for a long time because the heat of the smoke may melt the plastic over time. It is only good for emergency smoking sessions or for traveling outdoors.

Materials needed:

“If there is a will, there is a way.” For as long as there is the desire, or the need to use cannabis, there are limitless ways to fashion a homemade pipe.

Homemade pipe

Light the herb and enjoy.

A waterfall bong is easy to make, and creates a cheap handmade bong that makes for an interesting smoking experience.
Smoke your homemade one-hitter and enjoy your experience.

Burn the center of the bottle cap so the socket can be pushed through. A pencil or something sharp can be used to penetrate it first. Make the hole small enough so the nut is tight against the bottle cap.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The tree can then be burned in the apple ;). Apples are great to turn into smoking devices because they taste great and are easy to cut into.
Okay, so this is going to be messy and sticky. Honestly, whoever came up with this was already extremely stoned, or just down on their luck. Either way, you should be prepared for an absolute mess while making this homemade hand pipe. However, it is worth it when you hit something that tastes like a fruit salad.
Maybe some of these smoking devices aren’t for you, no worries. If you are smoking on a budget, but still want to smoke from a real piece, check out these comprehensive guides:
Leave a little bit of water at the bottom of the bottle to make for a cleaner hit once the herb is burned and the bottle is filled with smoke.

Once you have made a few waterfall bongs from home, you will be a master of homemade smoking devices and will be able to whip these babies up in no time.

This guide explores 10 easy to make homemade smoking pipes. Some are made of food, others are made from common household items.