Homegrown Cannabis Seeds Review

Homegrown Cannabis Co Seedbank Review On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 3 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Homegrown Cannabis Co is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we 3 reviews for Homegrown Cannabis Co, 2.3 stars: “Takes forever poor customer service. I ordered these seeds 3 weeks ago. They say oh we are backed up with orders but it is on the way… still nothing these guys are jokers stay away…”, “Bougjt from them first time. Not 1 seed…” Read reviews of Homegrown Cannabis Company at Leafly.

Homegrown Cannabis Co Seedbank Review

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 3 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

Homegrown Cannabis Co is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

User Reviews

guest United States, November 2021

227 worth of seeds, fertilizer, and rooting formula stolen and no one is able or willing to do anything besides give me ideas and advice for “next time”. I am poor and typically don’t spend this kind of money but figured what the heck my birthday is coming up. would be a good way to celebrate. Ordered on Halloween and was to expect it by my bday on Nov 15th. Never recieved it. Customer service said it may have been stolen but nothing they can do without proof, product, or post master send them a letter stating my mail was stolen.

guest United States, August 2021

I sent them photos of the plants and email.

This year 2021 I started the product that you sent me in 2020 and I am disappointed that this is not the product I ordered. When I received my product it was in a small zip lock baggy with GDP Fem hand written on the package. As you can see by the photos these are not the same plant. I am a caregiver here in Michigan and my patient expected me to grow what he wanted for his medicine. I told him I have a trusted company I get my product from but I must have been mistaken. Needless to say he was pretty upset as I have no idea what type or breed these plants are since he depends on my for his medicine.. I would like to get the product I ordered. I would like the Grand Daddy Purple seeds.

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Response was this.Oscar G (HMG Support)

23 Aug 2021, 12:49 GMT-7

We will send this to our grower team so they c heck and provide us with the proper information in regards the strain you got.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Team

Oscar G (HMG Support)

29 Aug 2021, 16:00 GMT-7

According to our team and based on the pictures you sent they advise they are the proper strain.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Team

I have proven this is not the strain I ordered by sending them photos of the plants. They just pretty much blew me off. Just goes to show they care more about the cash than the customers.

guest United States, July 2021

Purchased Critical Purple Auto’s and a Grapefruit Auto’s from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Received seeds about 10 days after ordering them, on time, and pretty good considering they were ordered before the holidays in 2020. These were for my very first run, with one of each. Seeds germinated quickly, and both grew strong and healthy. Yield was just over 5oz after dry and cure, with a bit more from the Critical Purple. Probably could have done better on quantity, but I was blown away on the quality. Pretty happy with the company and their genetics, I will purchase from them again.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co has a consumer rating of 2.33 stars from 3 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Homegrown Cannabis Co ranks 30th among CBD sites.

“Purchased some great seeds”

Been using their seeds for almost 3 years now and I’ve always recieved good quality products. The seeds at their place are the best genetics I have ever grown in my life and that says something. Super strong plants that harvested a good yield, amazing seeds! Prices aren’t the cheapest ever but a good quality product is never cheap


Takes forever poor customer service. I ordered these seeds 3 weeks ago. They say oh we are backed up with orders but it is on the way. still nothing these guys are jokers stay away.

Homegrown Cannabis Company

I’ve been to most of the shops on the Southside and hands down Homegrown is my favorite. I’ve told family to go there opposed to other places. The staff is great and greets me by name. My wife and I love Gabby, Alyssa, Nina and everyone else there.

Purchased 12 seeds, two varieties. This was to be my seventh grow and always good. First time purchasing from HGC company, Kyle Kushman. Three seeds germinated and two were of bad genetics with deformed leaves as seedlings. Very disappointed. First time buyer and last time purchasing.

The seeds were small and white and cost $102 for 9 seeds. So far 3 of them did not germinate. That’s about $35 wasted on unusable seeds.

Already left a review. Appears to have been taken down with no notice to me. Shame because it was an accurate review. Do not trust this company. They tacked a service fee onto my order without notifying me and acted as if I was the problem. The “free feminized gelato seeds” they give out as an incentive are bunk. I didn’t expect much from the seeds, but I grew them, and every one I received went to seed. Not one or two seeds, full of seeds. The website contains misleading information, completely inaccurate descriptions, and the seeds they offer are not what they claim them to be. They sell small, white, obviously premature seeds for top dollar and then take offense when you notify them that the seeds didn’t germinate. They do not honor their supposed warranty dollar to dollar, offering less than what was paid per seed. I think perhaps the most disturbing tjing the company does is take down legitimate reviews on sites like leafly. Last I came here there were several accurate low star reviews which are now gone, mine included. Also, the company has a review system on their website, yet they only publish reviews that they feel make the company look good. How dishonest can a company be? Do not trust homegrowncannabisco. They talk the talk but they don’t walk it.

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