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home made dab rig

Edit: I use a customized CannaStick mostly, but make foil balls when I clean the gear. It’s a great fall back method for emergencies, also.

Honestly, dabbing is kind of “stoner elite”. A home made dab rig I would equate to you putting aluminum foil on the bumper of your 2012 AMG Mercedes to make them look chrome. People who have enough money to buy $60 little ball of wax generally have no problem buying a $500 dab rig, those who can’t break some over a bowl instead .
I used to dab with a paper clip and a pen tube. Heat up paper clip, place dab, suck through pen. Perfectly bunk.

Well, I’m aware of this method, but I was curious to see fullblown custom rigs, with percolation and such.
Has anyone made any of these successfully? I’ve been thinking about it, and was wondering if maybe using certain metal nails along with washers or some shit could potentially allow you to heat the nail and dab. I don’t personally dab (can’t afford wax), but would love to see some homemade rigs if anyone’s got ’em.
Steamrollers work great.
Hot knives isn’t exactly a “home made dab rig”, but works hella good!
edit: If you really want a cheap-but-effective rig, get a crack pipe. They’re usually around $5 and they do get the job done.

Crack pipes are too dang fragile for my klutzy, high self

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