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holland’s hope

Holland's hope

Dryness is an inevitable side effect of smoking of marijuana regardless of the mode of consumption and dosage. While seasoned users are used to the dryness, beginners may manage the discomfort by staying hydrated throughout the day. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is also necessary.

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by Bonza · Published April 4, 2019 · Updated January 29, 2020

Its heavy-hitting body high is usually counterproductive on a workday. Hence, users should only use Holland’s Hope during days off or at-home evenings after a stressful day. Otherwise, one may walk back home dragging the feet while struggling to stay awake.
Of course, it still requires protection against frost which can kill it overnight or heavy rain that will break off branches. A temporary enclosing is perfect to this end, especially during early winters. Harvest is usually around the last week of September to the middle of October. Each plant can yield between 550 to 1,000 grams of buds depending on the growing conditions as well as the skill level of the grower.
Holland’s Hope presents a solution to this long-time growing problem. It has strong resistance against the cold and wet weather. In addition to that, it is tolerant to high levels of humidity and problems like mold or mildew. Since the introduction of the time-honored strain in the 1980s, it has allowed the country to cultivate healthy cannabis that produce high yields. Moreover, the Indica-leaning strain provides growers from the northern hemisphere with strong highly-resistant genetics.
Stress and depression usually share the same symptoms – a change in appetite, trouble sleeping, along with concentrating, and issues with recall ability. Of course, the two are fundamentally different. The mental health issue delves deeper while burnout is temporary. Chronic exposure to the former, however, can lead to the early onset of the latter. As such, it is necessary for users to release any of the accumulated stress.
As alluded to earlier, Holland’s Hope is one of the first strains to have acclimatized to the cold and wet summers of Holland. Thus, it should come as no surprise that it has an impressive growth profile. Its natural resistance to the cold and mold help it thrive in the northern hemisphere.

Holland’s Hope has a fruity terpene profile that energize the senses with its citric overtones. Accentuating it are sweet but sour notes of ripe lemons. In the palate, it is a little acrid but eventually softens as more smoke is inhaled. On the exhale, a refreshing pine washes over mouth and cancels out the sharpness.

Holland’s Hope Strain has the sturdy Afghani as a base for its sturdiness and resistance against the cold weather. Meanwhile, the addition of Dutch Skunk contributed to its ability to tolerate humidity-related problems.. Read our full strain review for all info.