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highest yielding indoor strains 2017

Highest yielding indoor strains 2017
Alaskan Purple is a lovely hybrid originating in Spain.
First bred in the Netherlands, it gets its name from the potent frosted trichomes that cover dark green leaves and the name white widow was born.
It is widely considered one of the easiest strains to grow, and is known to flower in 7 weeks.
Often only 3ft tall, Strawberry Kush is our top pick for apartment growing.
It is a simple strain to grow, and the longer flowering time will reward you with a copious yield.
If you want a laid-back strain that isn’t shy on yield (up to 550g/m2), it’s an excellent choice.
With measured levels of 21% THC, this strain can yield up to 600g/m2 making it another of our top indoor producers !
A night-time smoke, Big Bud provides a relaxing and anxiety-reducing high that is a favorite amongst medicinal patients. This is a great high yielding strain to recommend for anyone looking for a strain to be grown indoors!
Strawberry Kush delivers a carefree, uplifting high that helps you easily de-stress and relax!
Looking for the Highest Yielding Indoor Strains? Look no further as we list the top 10 strains that give you the most bud for your buck!
Highest yielding indoor strains 2017
Flowering time: 50 – 65 days (45 – 50 days for the Automatic)
Also during this time period, it’s important to keep a close watch for bud rot, mould and mildew. But for growers with some experience and the commitment to care for their plants, Big Bud will reward them with truly gigantic harvests.
In other words, one grower might be looking for the highest yielding strain with the most energetic effects, whereas another dreams of the highest yielding and most relaxing variety. For still another, cannabis seeds for the highest yielding strain also need to be within a certain budget.
At 55% sativa and 45% indica, Fruity Juice sits on the cusp of the cannabis spectrum. An extraordinary combination of Thai and Afghan genetics, it has been one of the strains that has taken the longest to perfect because of the very different natures of its parent plants. Once it reached its finished form, however, it became a favourite among those in the know.
Big Bud (regular, feminized, automatic)
As the name suggests, this strain is all about the buds. They will need more love than those of the varieties that are usually recommended for beginners, simply because of their gigantic size! Growers should be prepared to lend them extra support in the form of stakes and strings to save their branches from breaking and splitting, especially in the last couple of weeks before harvest.
For so many growers, the highest yielding strains are the holy grail of cannabis cultivation. The question “what are your biggest yielding varieties?” is such a perennial one that we’re devoting an entire article to answering it, rather than just an FAQ – and because this is Sensi Seeds, there’s more than one answer!
This high-yielding variety is the perennial favourite for gigantic colas of the kind which, back in the 1980s, were known as ‘donkey dicks’. Big Bud began its career as an Afghan x Skunk clone line which, thanks to the Sensi Seeds breeders, has been refined, back-crossed, reinforced and fine-tuned to result in one of the highest yielding strains on the planet.
It’s virtually impossible to say “this is the highest yielding strain!” and please everyone. So instead, Sensi Seeds has chosen four varieties that cover the bases of the most frequently requested characteristics.
Big, bigger, biggest, XXL! Our highest yielding strains in one handy article! There’s something for everyone, whether the most important characteristic (after harvest size, obviously) is indica, sativa, balanced hybrid, or price. There’s even a perfect choice for beginners!