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highest yielding autoflower 2019

Highest yielding autoflower 2019
So, now that we have covered how to get the best yields out of your autoflowers, let’s move on to the top 5 high yield autoflowers that can make your friends turn green with envy.
As humans, we receive certain traits and genes from our parents, so plants are no exception. To get the best output, you also have to choose the best strains. At Fastbuds, every little detail about the strain is mentioned including the required climate and genetics, so choosing a good strain should never be a problem.
When it comes to autoflowers, the adage “less is more” is very true. Whether it’s about the training or watering or even nutrients, you’ll do the plant a favor if you don’t overdo it. Actually, most plants perform the best when you don’t spoon feed them.
Remember that plants need food too. And food in this context correlates to light, so don’t skimp on it.
This is a question many people ask. Technically speaking, autoflowers are the easiest to grow. But there are some rules to be followed. Like everything else, you need to work hard to get the desired results. Also, autoflowers are not that daunting as you imagined them to be. So, let’s put aside the myths and focus on the facts, shall we?
But now, autoflowers are not only great yielders, but you can also harvest two crops in the same amount of time you’d need to harvest one batch of photoperiod strains. It’s a no-brainer to grow autoflowering cannabis strains.
Autoflowers tend to perform well in the harshest of environments. It’s true! You probably think that autoflowers are extremely unforgiving, but you’ll know the truth once you actually grow them. It’s also true that autoflowers need minimal light.
In fact, thanks to the advancement in research and technology, there are strains that are meant to deliver high yields. For instance, take a look at the Six Shooter. Just the name is enough to suggest what this big girl can do.
You’ve probably read countless articles on training techniques, especially for the photoperiod strains out there. But when it comes to autoflowers, it’s best to stick to minimal or no training at all. Sure, LST – Low Stress Training – works, but if you’re a beginner who’s just growing his first set of autoflowering cannabis seeds, you’re better off not training them.
To grow autoflowers or not to grow…that is the question. Autoflowering cannabis strains have been a hot topic for many cannabis growers. Just a few years
The first of the Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019 which we strongly recommend for
you is the Smoothie Auto. Fast Buds is proud to bring to you this strain because it is the product
of all the experience accumulated by a dedicated team of laboratory experts over a decade. This
expertise is all distilled into this strain which will send your senses to heaven and back with its
fruitiest blend of Somango and Blueberry.
Fast Buds is proud of the C4 Auto strain because the plant is very resilient. It is highly resistant
to infectious molds and pests, so you can plant it literally anywhere (in a greenhouse, indoors or
outdoors) with minimal care.
If the reviews of our Girl Scout Cookies Auto are anything to go by, you haven’t reached
cannabis nirvana if you have not yet sampled the Fast Buds version of Girl Scout Cookies Auto.
This strain is a worldwide hit and is an all-time favorite of all California cannabis strains.
The purple goodness isn’t just in the looks of the Blackberry Auto plant; smoking this variety
will take you on a long leisurely trip to absolute relaxation. Perfect as a nightcap! This strain
deserves its place among the Top 5 Best Yielding Autoflower Strains 2019.
Our Blackberry Auto cannabis strain is another variety which will blast from seed to harvest in a
short 8 weeks. All we ask is that you adhere to the basics of marijuana plant care, go slow on the
fertilizers, provide 18/6 lighting schedule and the plant will do the rest, giving you a rich harvest
of lush lavender buds.
Blackberry Auto grows to between 70cm and 110cm in height at the peak of its growth. The
mature plant is characterized by tight internodal spaces and the central cola is swollen. Compact
and chunky is an appropriate description of this plant when it is in its full glory!
The growth process of C4 Auto isn’t called explosive for nothing. In approximately 8 weeks, the
buds will be ready for harvesting, but that isn’t the whole story. Its buds form in just two weeks
and keep doubling their size each subsequent week until the second-last week when the existing
buds fatten at a slower pace while the magical ingredients inside mature and reach their peak.
The plump purple buds call for careful handling because they are literally dripping with
glistening resin! The picture you get after looking at the ready buds is that of forest fruits which
have been generously dipped in sugar!
Another small reminder; the Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto has such a strong odor that you
would be well advised to deploy carbon filters when growing this strain so that you don’t
indirectly invite others to your feast if you don’t want to!
As you may already know, the first and perhaps most important step when growing your ownweed is to select the best cannabis strain for your needs. This task can