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high times cannabis cup winners

1st Place: NW (“Northwest) Kind – Cascade Chronic (x Moto P)
2nd Place: Higher Cultures – Zamoaz Live Resin Sugar
3rd Place: Sterling Gold – Double Limeade Live Resin
1st Place: Siskiyou Sungrown – 1:1 Mint MCT Tincture
2nd Place: Angel Industries – Angel Hemp CBD Tincture
3rd Place: Hapy Kitchen – Coffeelicious Caramel
1st Place: Drop Science – Lemon Remedy CBD Cart
2nd Place: Green Dragon – Critical Mass CBD Cart (Green Dragon Extracts)
3rd Place: The CO2 Company – Pure Sweet CBD Cart
1st Place: Trichome Farms – Black Widow Pre-Roll
2nd Place: Portland High Standards – Mini Melt Kushmints Pre- Roll (x Melt Cannagar Co.)
3rd Place: Decibel Farms – Decibel LOUDs Jack Herer Infused Pre-Roll
1st Place: Junk by Leif Goods – Marshmallow Bon-Bons
2nd Place: Herban Tribe – Sour Diesel Lemonade
3rd Place: Laurie + MaryJane – Go Fudge Yourself Double Chocolate Chill
1st Place: Cloud Cover Cannabis – Strawnana
2nd Place: Phresh Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze
3rd Place: Heroes of the Farm – Herer of the Dog
1st Place: Sugar Tree Farm – Forbidden Fruit
2nd Place: Decibel Farms – Triple Chocolate Chip
3rd Place: Siskiyou Sungrown – Platinum Purple Kush
1st Place: Willamette Valley Alchemy – Sour Tangie Liquid Live Resin (LLR) Cart (x Fox Hollow Flora)
2nd Place: Happy Cabbage Farms – Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin Cart
3rd Place: Drop Science – Purple Martian Cart
1st Place: Phresh Cannabis – Cuvee Cookies
2nd Place: 17 Farms – Ice Cream Cake
3rd Place: PDX Organics – Platinum Candy Mintz
Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Oregon Cannabis Cup!
High times cannabis cup winners
There will be many entries in each category, and each is a candidate to win an award. The winners, however, will be the entries with the top three highest scores in each judging category. First place winners will be awarded the illustrious Cannabis Cup Trophy, designed by Alyson and Alex Grey. Second and third place winners will receive silver and bronze medals.
The Cannabis Cup is the world’s foremost cannabis experience and competition. And for the first time ever, High Times is bringing the storied tradition of its legendary Cannabis Cup to Spain. In March, the Cup will take place against the backdrop of Spannabis 2020, one of the largest international cannabis festivals in the world.
Spannabis 2020, held in Barcelona, Spain, runs from March 13 to March 15. The High Times Cannabis Cup Spain will begin accepting entries on March 5.
For information about becoming a competitor, reach out to High Times at [email protected]
High Times is hosting the competition to bring together the most effective and well-produced products in the market. The Cup is accepting entries across nine product categories, including flower, hash, extract, edibles, vape pens, and cartridges. Winners of the Cup will be announced by the High Times team on the main stage during the Spannabis 2020 festival.
If interested in becoming a judge, please apply on
This year’s Spannabis festival will also include the eighth annual World Cannabis Conference, featuring presentations and panels on the scientific, medical and political advancements in the cannabis sector. The International Cannabis Business conference is also joining up with the Spannabis 2020 festivities.
For seventeen years, Spannabis has been one of the biggest trade shows for the cannabis sector worldwide. Bringing together the industry, consumers, policymakers, innovators and educators, Spannabis celebrates global cannabis culture. For the first time ever, High Times will bring its Cannabis Cup competition to Spain’s famous international expo.
Only a select few will be chosen for this exclusive opportunity to judge the Cannabis Cup Spain in a private location with some of the High Times team between March 9-13 in Barcelona, Spain.
High Times Is Bringing The Cannabis Cup to Spain High Times Is Bringing The Cannabis Cup to Spain The Cannabis Cup is the world’s foremost cannabis experience and competition. And for the