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high cbg strains

These cannabinoids often take a back seat to the superstars THC and CBD—. But you shouldn’t overlook them. since each of these lesser-known cannabinoid offers additional therapeutic benefits . Although they’re not always available in isolated form, you can still reap their benefits directly from the cannabis flower.

Because this strain has indica and sativa characteristics, you can consume it for a variety of conditions. Part of this versatility is thanks to the high percentage of CBC. Similar to CBG and CBN, CBC contains antibiotic and neuroprotectant properties. And when you combine CBC with THC, it can help reduce inflammation.
However, there are many lesser-known strains that offer benefits beyond cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Offering a nice cerebral high, Three Kings can improve mood, leaving you feeling happy and focused, and making it a great option for folks struggling with fatigue.
Here are four cannabis strains that offer higher percentages of some of these unique cannabinoids.
If your cannabis sessions leave you invading the fridge time and again you may want to swap out your usual flower for Doug’s Varin. This marijuana strain is most famously known for its high levels of THCV, the cannabinoid known to curb food cravings.
And yet, cannabis boasts several other cannabinoids that also come with health benefits. These include:
THCV is also what makes Doug’s Varin unique, as THCV is currently the only cannabinoid that’s more psychoactive than THC is, but for a shorter period of time. So, take care when trying this strain—start low and go slow. Doug’s Varin is a very rare strain with an unknown lineage, but research confirms it’s a pure sativa strain. This strain’s buds, which are neon green with long gold hairs, offer a nice pine scent with a mix of citrus that you can taste when smoking.

But Magic Jordan is the exception to the rule.

When it comes to cannabis strains, the options are just about limitless. There are a bunch of varieties of indicas and sativas, and hybridization has increased those options tenfold. Some marijuana strains are popular or easy to find, such as: Blue Dream Pineapple Express FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM [best-sel

High Grade Hemp Seed, in partnership with Swiss Cannabinoid, has released the new CBG hemp strain in the US, giving farmers a chance at diversifying their crops.

“That’s one of the reasons we decided to work with Swiss Cannabinoid as a true genetics partner. Paving the way in CBG has been a logical next step – both in advancing the agricultural industry and also in improving the availability of CBG products to US consumers.”
Working with several European geneticists and a Swiss pharmaceutical company on trials, he made a breakthrough and established Matterhorn CBG.

Matthias Ghidossi, said: “We chose to focus on CBG due to its powerful efficacy in early trials. Over the past few years, more and more research has been conducted to understand the value of CBG. The early results of clinical testing in Europe are creating a lot of excitement in the fields of science and medicine.”
The potent power of CBG is a hot topic, and American hemp farmers have been anxiously awaiting the release of reliable high-CBG genetics.
While THC and CBD have long been the cannabinoids of focus, researchers and hemp breeders are now teaming up to better understand CBG. Hemp genetics experts are aggressively breeding new strains that deliver high yields of CBG, over other cannabinoids.
In an effort to empower farmers this growing season and lead the industry as a whole, High Grade will be giving away high-quality CBG genetics to ten licensed hemp farmers in the continental United States.
Bodhi Urban, CEO of High Grade Hemp Seed, said: “At High Grade we have focused our breeding program and partnerships to ensure farmers can grow proven, strong and diverse genetics.

The partnership between High Grade Hemp Seed and Swiss Cannabinoid is answering demand with the introduction of Matterhorn CBG, a new boutique European CBG-rich cultivar, available now internationally.

CBD has recently gained attention for its medical properties, now a new CBG hemp strain is available in the United States for farmers.