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hi yield grass killer review

Hi yield grass killer review

The way to use weed and grass killer can vary, depending on whether you have chosen a ready-to-spray product or one that is concentrated. If yours is a ready-to-spray version, all you have to do is hook the sprayer to the container’s opening.

While many people prefer to work with products they know, a newer brand has become quite popular. Ortho isn’t as well-known as others, but it has a GroundClear weed killer that starts working immediately. If that weren’t enough, it is ready to use and comes with a sprayer.
This concentrated formula has to be mixed with water to be most effective. However, that means that one gallon can make a lot of weed killer. Plus, it contains 41 percent Glyphosate, which is designed to kill weeds much faster.

You should be aware that the product is concentrated. Therefore, you are going to have to mix it with water. Then, you should put it in a tank sprayer, hose-end sprayer, or dial-n-spray container.
Many people want to get rid of weeds and grass in unwanted areas. Still, they want something that is safe, and Natural Armor has it. This product is organic, so it doesn’t contain glyphosate.
Those who have a lot of weeds and grasses to kill might like the Voluntary Purchasing Group brand. It’s a high-yield product that is designed to kill all weeds and grasses. Plus, it starts working immediately once it is sprayed.
You’re going to like the dual-action formula. It is designed to kill your existing grasses and weeds. However, it can also keep new weeds from growing for up to four months.

Once it is sprayed, it is rainproof within the hour. This is helpful if you plan to water your garden later or it starts raining. The product isn’t going to wash away and accidentally get on plants that you want to keep.

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Hi yield grass killer review

  • Hi – Yield Grass Killer Post – Emergent Herbicide – 8 oz
  • Hi – Yield Grass Killer Post – Emergent Herbicide – Pint

Flowers, Evergreens, Shrubs, Trees, Fruits*, Vegetables*, Ornamental-Groundcovers, Bedding Plants
Available Sizes:

Barnyardgrass, Bermudagrass, Broadleaf Signalgrass, Crabgrass (Large & Smooth), Fall Panicum, Foxtail (Giant, Green & Yellow), Goosegrass, Johnsongrass (Seedling & Rhizome), Junglerice, Lovegrass, Orchardgrass (Seedling), Quackgrass, Tall Fescue Seedling, Texas Panicum, Shattercane/Wildcane, Wild Proso Millet, Wirestem Muhly, Witchgrass, Wooly Cupgrass
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Intended for residential use on and around:
This product kills most annual and hard-to-kill perennial grasses up to 1 foot high, including the following examples, in one or two applications. Younger, actively growing seedling weeds are more easily killed than older, mature, well-established grassy weeds that may require a repeat application for control. Adding oil concentrate may help control grassy weeds.
Hi-Yield Grass Killer is a post-emergent selective herbicide that kills annual and perennial grasses in ornamental landscapes and desirable plants. Can also be used on trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Hi-Yield Grass Killer stops grass from growing within 2 days of application.


Hi-Yield Grass Killer Post-emergence Grass Herbicide