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hemp books

Hemp books

The 2019 Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook offers:

  • What’s allowed now vs. pre-Farm Bill
  • What to expect from the FDA and the USDA
  • The state of retail – including the mainstream corporations eyeing hemp & CBD
  • How to decide if investors should pull the trigger now – or wait for the shakeout
  • PLUS: How the change in U.S. policy will affect the global landscape

The 2019 Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook provides answers with insights from exclusive industry surveys and analysis of data from across the marketplace. Brought to you by the editors and researchers at Hemp Industry Daily, this resource is exclusively business focused and offers understanding of the current and future challenges needed to make the most accurate and informed business decisions.

Featured states include: Montana, Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, Nevada and Wisconsin.

  • Farmers putting seeds in the ground
  • Manufacturers buying large quantities of hemp for extraction
  • Retailers selling finished hemp products
  • Entrepreneurs across the hemp supply chain

This exclusively business-focused report provides needed clarity around the complex and developing rules from the USDA.
This Report Details
The Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Hemp Prices and Supply solves this problem by delivering the most up-to-date, reliable hemp prices and market research for the top 10 hemp producing states. Brought to you by the editors and researchers at Hemp Industry Daily, this snapshot compiles trends in supply, prices and market outlook from dozens of hemp farmers and purchasers across the states.

  • What are the interstate commerce rules? How will the rules work?
  • Which THC testing process is right for me?
  • How do I appeal to the USDA?
  • What are the costs? What are the opportunities?

Find Hemp Business Books from the Editors of Hemp Industry Daily. Gain valuable insight into today's Hemp industry and CBD product market.