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haze (cannabis)

Haze (cannabis)

How exactly the first Haze seeds made their way from California to Europe is also shrouded in mystery, and there are many stories on how it supposedly happened. Some say that it was Nevil Schoenmakers, the legendary breeder and “cannabis king”, who may have gotten seeds directly from the Haze Brothers in 1969. He would go on breeding the strain and sell it through the famous “The Seed Bank of Holland”, the first seed bank in Europe.

The story of Haze family of strains begins back in the 1960s and 1970s on the West Coast of the United States. It is believed that the first Hazes have been created by two growers in Santa Cruz, California, the legendary “Haze Brothers”. The alternative medicinal journal “Treating Yourself Magazine” has an article in their #14 issue where they say that Sam “The Skunkman” (the legendary breeder of the Skunk #1) knew the two brothers, “R. Haze” and “J. Haze”. The article continues to say that the two didn’t really set out to breed a particular strain, but that it happened by pure chance when they hybridized some seeds which they had available at that time.
Yet, the popularity of Hazes among cannabis smokers has also given rise to many new hybrids that have their roots in Haze genetics. Some of these new strains may still have the original genetics, or may come close enough, while some other strains add new twists on this timeless classic. Haze legacy, started more than three decades ago, is still very much alive today.

Yet, Haze strains are not really what one would call a favourite among growers, since they can be quite difficult to care for. They can be picky and unforgiving and require careful attention to achieve good results. The flowering time of Hazes can also be excruciatingly long: some haze strains take up to 16 weeks for the plants to mature. Because of these downsides, Haze strains may be less suited for beginner (or impatient) growers. On the other hand, those who grow Hazes don’t usually mind the hassle. They know that their hard work and patience will be rewarded with the best cannabis one can grow!
But no matter how the seeds arrived in Holland and who brought them, it didn’t take long until most of the early seed banks were carrying Hazes in their catalogue.
The Haze family line is one of the most THC-potent strains that cannabis has to offer. It is adored for its uplifting, euphoric, and even psychedelic mental experience while allowing the user to remain physically active.
Here is a list of some of the best Haze varieties that you can get in the Royal Queen Seeds online store:
According to cannabis folklore, Hazes went almost extinct at some point. The reason for this is supposedly the fact that growers didn’t like them too much because the strains were difficult to manage and took a long time to flower.

A lot happened since that time in the early 80s, where seed banks carried Hazes with the original Haze Brothers genetics. Many of these early seed banks are now gone and their stock is lost, or has been merged with other brands. Because of that it can be quite difficult to get your hands on the original genetics. Rumour has it, however, that if you just know whom to ask, you may still find a place where you can enjoy one of the original Hazes, like back in the day.

The Haze family line is one of the most THC-potent strains that cannabis has to offer. It is adored for its uplifting, euphoric, and even psychedelic mental experience while allowing the user to remain physically active

Haze (cannabis) is glad to present here Kees’ Old School Haze by Super Sativa Seed Club, a selection of an Old School Haze created some 35 years ago. This variety is now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue. It is a cross between Old Sc [. ]

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BSF Seeds seed bank presents here Lebron Haze, a cannabis feminised plant belonging to the Haze family. It is a cross between Elite Haze x Lemon Thai, it is one of the fastest and most powerful Sativas on the market. Lebron Haze has a great vegetati [. ]

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Heavyweight Seeds Fruit Punch is a feminised cannabis hybrid, a cross between 3 highly reputed genetic families that had a profound impact on the cannabis market in the twentieth century: Skunk, Haze and Northern Light. Fruit Punch, a Skunk x Haze x [. ]
The famous Haze family is very popular worldwide. This 100% Sativa hybrid was developed in the 1970’s by Sam Skunkman.

Heavy Weight Seeds Monster Profit is a feminised cannabis plant crossing between Amnesia Haze and Dream Machina, two genetic titans with great international recognition that result in this very productive and delicious variety. Monster Profit Cultiv [. ]

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