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haze berry

Haze Berry Automatic is the sativa-dominant successor to the legendary Haze Berry. Our skilful breeders crossed this energising beauty with a premium ruderalis strain to endow her with autoflowering abilities. Haze Berry is a familiar name throughout the worldwide cannabis community. The variety descends from Afghani genetics and was brought to life in the cannabis mecca of California. She’s recognised for her intense terpene profile and stimulating high. By crossing this strain with an auto, our breeders made her much easier to grow and faster to finish.

Title : tromper de produit
Comment : J’ai reçu la Royal Haze au lieu de la haze Berry.
Title : Sehr schöne Pflanze
Comment : Alle sind gekeimt und kommen so langsam hin sehr gespannt noch

Haze Berry Automatic is a super easy strain to grow. If you’re new to cultivation, or have limited time to invest, she’s the strain for you. She’ll be ready to harvest a mere 10 weeks after germination, and reaches a height of around 100cm. When grown indoors, Haze Berry Automatic produces a medium yield. Plants cultivated outdoors in garden beds or containers offer 80-150gr/plant.
Title : Haze berry auto
Comment : Germinated very quick, it is a nice healthy plant
Title : Non germinato
Comment : Purtroppo il seme non si è neanche schiuso
Title : review
Comment : alles super und einfach gelaufen bin sehr zufrieden alle gekeimt 10 von 10
Haze Berry Automatic also features a similar terpene profile to Haze Berry. Her dense and nugget-like buds emit a pungent scent of fruit and sweetness. Fruity flavours are also apparent when smoking or vaping, and go down well when baking psychoactive treats.

Title : Bon plant
Comment : Germination finie vivement la fin ! Pousse rapide !

Haze Berry Automatic is the autoflowering "grandchild" of the legendary Haze Berry. She provides a subtle sativa high and tasty terps.