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Dutch Hawaiian (Sativa)
Possibly good for treating:

23.9% Total Cannabinoids
Effects/Medical Use
Smell/Taste Rating: 4.00/5.00
Being that I use cannabis to treat depression, anxiety, ADD, and mild PTSD, I rate the effects from this perspective. Any strain that makes me feel happy, productive, and focused is a winner for me. As many of us know, sativas have an unfortunate tendency to induce paranoia and anxiety in high doses; these are the strains that are more likely to make us feel like our heart is beating out of our chest. In that regard, Dutch Hawaiian is a smooth balance of cerebral and body effects, similar to Colombian Gold, but perhaps even on the more relaxing side of the spectrum. It does not make me feel sleepy in the slightest; I am alert, focused, but my body also has a warm and relaxed sensation that is more typical of hybrid and indica strains. This strain has been one of the best strains for inciting creativity; I definitely noticed this effect prominently the first couple of times I medicated with Dutch Hawaiian. It’s one of my favorites, and though I feel I say that about almost every new sativa strain I try, I can almost guarantee that patients looking to treat similar mental ailments as mine will find that Dutch Hawaiian does an excellent job of healing those symptoms while keeping us relaxed enough to prevent unpleasant side effects.

Dutch Hawaiian may be the most unique-smelling sativa I have gotten my hands on. While other sativas like Jack Herer, Super Silver Haze, and even Sour Diesel have at least some similar qualities in the way they smell, Dutch Hawaiian seems to smell more like Sunset Sherbert, Crescendo, and other “heavy”-smelling indica and hybrid strains. There’s a sweet and sugary scent that seems to predominate this strain; the best way I can describe it is to say that it smells like warm sugar cookies. There are more subtle notes of skunky fruit; this all comes together to create a heavy “musk” that makes Dutch Hawaiian the unique sativa that it is in this category. When vaporized, the sweet and sugary cookie taste is dominant on inhale, and a subtle sweet/sour hint of tropical fruit is evident in the background.

Dutch Hawaiian is a strain that I had never heard of until it recently became available on Trulieve's website. As I personally prefer sativa strains (I primarily use cannabis to treat depression and anxiety), I always find myself going to pick up every sativa that becomes available. In this instance, it paid off very nicely…