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harlequin marijuana strain

Harlequin marijuana strain

On overall effects, user the420mon remarks:

Given CBD’s remarkable therapeutic versatility (antianxiety, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antioxidant, etc.), and that it’s non-psychoactive, high-CBD strains such as Cannatonic, ACDC, and Harlequin, continue to increase in popularity. Harlequin has emerged as one of the most popular strains.
Wow, that’s quite an endorsement!

“Harlequin is THE strain everyone needs in their rotation(or on constant supply). Think of Harlequin as the “classic” pot… [it produces] a very mellow, but uplifting and energetic high, and very happy as well. Your focus is on point with this strain. Now, it’s not what harlequin has that PR does have, it’s what it DOESN’T have that makes it great. That annoying head pressure and “lightheaded” feeling that makes people nauseous when smoking a sativa. Instead, your whole body gets nice and high, with no negative effects, like paranoia or anxiety. I feel that harlequin was bred as a perfect strain. I’m yet to meet a single person who doesn’t love Harlequin.”

Keep in mind, Browne doesn’t generally use cannabis for therapeutic effects, and acknowledges:
While everyone physiologically experiences strains differently, for most people, Harlequin provides pleasant, clear-headed, relaxing and anxiety-relieving effects. However, not everyone is a fan. Jake Browne, America’s budtender and strain reviewer for The Cannabist, was less enthusiastic. Browne writes:
Consumers have posted over 600 reviews on Leafly, overwhelmingly positive.
“I’ve tried a couple other strains, but for my migraines this one is a lifesaver. I was told by my local place, by a fellow migraine sufferer, that Indicas with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD work best. I found they work ok, but maybe that info will help somebody else. I’ve also found this strain works well for PMS and cramps. Not sure if it’s the best for that though, just the best I’ve found so far.

“Harlequin is a great strain that is high in CBD’s. It quickly alleviates the pain in my body (knees and lower back) and allows me to function at 100% without the cloudiness of other strains. It has also helped with nausea. I highly recommend everyone have some in their medicine cabinet.”

High-CBD strains such as Cannatonic, ACDC, and Harlequin continue to increase in popularity. Harlequin has emerged as one of the most popular strains.